Mahindra Aerostructures signs $100 milllion contract with Airbus Atlantic

Mahindra Aerostructures signs $100 milllion contract with Airbus Atlantic

Mahindra Aerostructures on Monday announced it has signed a multi-year contract worth around $100 million with Airbus Atlantic for the manufacturing and delivery of metallic components for the entire Airbus commercial aircraft family, including the A320 family planes.

Under the contract, the company will supply close to 2,300 varieties of metallic components to Airbus Atlantic in France from its manufacturing base in India, Mahindra Aerostructures Pvt Ltd (MASPL) said in a statement.

The contract adds to existing MASPL programmes to deliver parts directly to Airbus at their facilities in France and Germany, it said.

MASPL has been a direct supplier to Airbus Group since 2015, and partners with Airbus on numerous initiatives.

Developing the relationship with Mahindra Aerostructures will help the company benefit from their robustness, expertise, and high-end technology capabilities in order to strengthen the company’s supply base, said Airbus Atlantic Chief Procurement Officer Jose Maria Trujillano.

“This new contract from Airbus Atlantic opens a new frontier in our existing relationship with the Airbus Group, said, Vinod Sahay, President, Aerospace and Defense Mahindra Group.
Airbus and boeing need to do much more domestic manufacturing in order to get future lucrative indian contracts for both civilian and military aircraft.

An assembly line for complete aircraft needs to be set up.
While it's great that we are providing them with parts and components which will generate a lot of income this should also be a wake up call to our own private sector industry to start designing and developing our own passenger planes which we need in large numbers.

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