This Soldier Was Surrounded By 50 Terrorists, His Last Conversation With Commander Shook The World

On 17th March 2016, a Russian soldier of the Spetsnaz, Senior lieutenant Alexander Prokhorenko was surrounded by fifty terrorists. In any other case, a soldier would look for a chance to survive if any air support can be reached, but for Alexander it was different. He had a quick conversation with his commander and whatever happened next was history.

Sr. Lt Alexander Prokhorenko had a task in hand, he was leading a team in Palmyra, Syria. His primary task was to identify the vital targets of ISIS and to the send the co-ordinates for the air strike to the Russian Base. For many weeks, he remained hidden and kept doing his work.

After some weeks, he was spotted by ISIS and they tried to capture him, his ammunition was getting exhausted and he called for an extraction but it will take at least fifteen minutes for the extraction party to come. Alexander had something else on mind. He cancelled the extraction and told his commander to order the air strike where he was standing. He respected his uniform and knew if he was caught, the ISIS will make fun of his uniform. He ordered for an air strike. Following is an unverified but almost similar conversation that took place between Alexander and his commander–

Officer: command I am compromised, repeat I am compromised.

Command: please repeat and confirm.

Officer: They have spotted me, there are shooting everywhere, I am pinned, request evacuation immediately.

Command: evacuation request acknowledged.

Officer: please hurry, I am low on ammo, they seem to everywhere, I can’t hold them for too long. please hurry.

Command: Confirmed, hold them off, continue return of fire, go to safe position, air support is monitoring, state coordinates.

Officer: gives coordinates (which are blurred in the translation).

Command: command (repeats coordinates which are blurred). Confirm.

Officer: confirmed, please hurry I am low on ammo, they are surroundig me, bastards.

Command: 12 minutes until evacuation, return to safe line, I repeat return to safe line.

Officer: They are close, I am surrounded, this may be the end, tell my family I love them dearly.

Command: return to green line, continue return of fire, help is on the way, followed by air support.

Officer: negative, I am surrounded, they are so many of these bastards.

Command: 10 minutes, return to green line.

Officer: I can’t they have surrounded me and are closing in, please hurry.

Command: move to green line, repeat move to green line.

Officer: They are outside, conduct the airstrike now please hurry, this is the end, tell my family I love them and i died fighting for my motherland..

Command: Negative return to green line.

Officer: I cant command, I am surrounded, they are outside, I don’t want them to take me and parade me, conduct the airstrike, they will make a mockery of me and this uniform. I want to die with dignity and take all these bastards with me. please my last wish, conduct the airstrike, they will kill me either way.

Command: please confirm your request.

Officer: They are outside, this is the end commander, thank you, tell my family and my country I love them. Tell them I was brave and I fought until I could no longer. Please take care of my family, avenge my death, good bye commander, tell my family I love them

Command: No response, orders the airstrike.

In the first week of April, President Vladmir Putin declared Prokhorenko a hero of the Russian Federation, which is the highest Russian honor. Russians feel proud of him. He also received accolades from the world community for his bravery.

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