UK professor deported over ‘anti-India line on Kashmir’ Was Invited by Local Congress Goverment

UK professor deported over ‘anti-India line on Kashmir’ Was Invited by Local Congress Goverment

A war of words has broken out between the Congress government and the BJP in Karnataka over the incident of deporting ‘controversial’ UK writer Nitasha Kaul back to London from the Bengaluru airport on Sunday.

Nitasha Kaul was detained by the security agencies on her arrival at the KempeGowda International Airport in Bengaluru before she was deported back to London. Kaul later claimed that she was denied entry despite having an invitation to speak at a conference organised by the Karnataka government.

While Minister for Social Welfare, H.C. Mahadevappa, said the Congress government is ‘deeply concerned’ about Kaul being denied entry into India, state BJP President B.Y. Vijayendra slammed the Congress by dubbing the act of inviting Kaul to Karnataka as a ‘disgusting act’.

Taking to X, Mahadevappa said, “We are deeply concerned about Nitasha Kaul being denied entry into India. Speaking on democratic and constitutional values is a right we must uphold. Let’s respect Freedom of Speech, a fundamental constitutional right, and encourage open dialogue for a stronger democracy.”

Mahadevappa added, “As we know, the BJP is always against the spirit of the Constitution. Because of their ignorance about our constitutional values, such things are taking place repeatedly. We condemn such acts of dictatorship towards the values of the Indian Constitution.”

On the other hand, Vijayendra said, “Highly disgusted by the CM Siddaramaiah-led government whitewashing the crimes of ‘Tukde Tukde’ gang by inviting Nitasha Kaul for a talk on ‘Constitution and Unity of India’.

“A known terrorist sympathiser and one who constantly spews venom and disseminates anti-India propaganda in connivance with the enemies of the Indian state is accorded a red carpet welcome by the Congress-ruled Karnataka government, which is a highly condemnable and unpardonable crime.

“Equally disgusting is the fact that the event was attended by all the top leaders of the Congress. What is more worrisome and annoying is the government’s indulgence in unwanted expenditures involving crores of rupees when our state and the farmers are already in distress owing to unprecedented drought and severe water crisis.”

Kaul, an OCI cardholder and writer based in London, was invited by the government of Karnataka to participate in a conference titled ‘The Constitution and Unity of India’ held over the weekend in Bengaluru.
Why her OCI card is NOT cancelled as yet, like it was done for one Swain from Finland? Govt should review OCI card status of such anti India wokes and seculars and cancel their OCI cards.
Nitasha Kaul's OCI card should be cancelled...In fact MEA should make a list of all such anti-national elements, foillow due process, cancel OCIs and visas and put them on a do not visit India list with a permanent ban to them and their immediate family...OCI is not a right but a privilege...Once you relinquish Indian citizenship you have no automatic rights to India...India should never allow dual citizenship and also ensure that all anti-India OCI cards and cancelled and these elements are banned from India (including their family members)...These brown sahibs/memsahibs can keep spewing hate in collusion with their colonist masters in the name of free speech, academia and journalism but can never revisit the matrubhumi.
Only Khangress which created the mess of POJK, Gilgit, and Baltistan, and also 1962 war defeat, secret agreement with criminal chinese ccp and its pla, etc will invite the Desh Drohis as all of Khangress leaders are of same ilk.

Well done for sending a strong messages to anti-India forces trying to destroy Indian sovereignty and unity.

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