Want To Join The Esteemed Special Forces Of India? Follow These Steps

Want To Join The Esteemed Special Forces Of India? Follow These Steps

Indian Armed Forces continue to safeguard the country from internal and external threats. All the three wings of Indian Armed Forces are known for the excellent way of handling the odd situations. They continue to make sure not to allow any hurdles in the peace of the country.

Whether it be an enemy attack at the border, inside the country, or dealing with a disaster situation, all the hopes rely on the armed forces of India. It has three wings i.e., Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force and all these three wings have completed with their special and highly trained forces.


1. Indian Army- Para Special Forces

2. Indian Navy- MARCOS

3. Indian Air Force- GARUD

These special forces get trained in highly specialized techniques to deal with threats. To become the part of any of these special forces, one needs to clear the recruitment process. So, here are the details how you can become the part of Elite Unit of armed forces.

1. Indian Army- Para Special Forces​

Para Special Forces


1. IMA and OTA Cadets: Volunteer GCs per battalion will be commissioned on the scale of two officers per year from pre-commissioned IMA / OTA. These officers will be allotted a guardian regiment by the MS Branch.

Para SF

2. Indian Army officers: Officers of all the weapons and services can volunteer for the parachute regiment, on the day they volunteer, they have already served less than five years, in the ‘classical’ category of SHAPE-I and BPET being in the medical category. These officers will maintain their affiliation with their Regiment / Corps (Guardian Regiment).

Training for the balidan badge

#PBOR: Any Indian Army soldier can make volunteers for special forces. Recruitment of Parachute Regiment, under the aegis of Parachute Regiment Training Center (PRTC), where necessary, recruitment will be done with help from the Directorate. Apart from this, volunteers from the arms/services will also be allowed to join the regiment.

Para Commandos

On completion of basic military training (BMT) in PRTC, AG Branch / MP will issue for the recruitment of DTE (MP3) vacancies. Then the young soldiers will be sent to the concerned battalions to go through probation and final selection.

2. Indian Navy- MARCOS​

#Officers: There is no direct selection process for the officer post in MARCOS. Aspirants who want to join MARCOS, go through NDA, CDS, SSC. They should be part of Indian Navy.

Joint IN Marcos and Russian VBSS team

#Sailor: To being a MARCOS personnel, one needs to get admitted in their early 20s after passing through the rigid selection process and then training. An aspirant must be a Navy personnel to be qualified as MARCOS. While a notification releases for the recruitment of Sailor.

3. Indian Air Force- GARUD​

Garud Commando

#Officers: GARUD officers get posted by the cadets of ground duty at Air Force Academy, Dundigal. One has to clear the exam AFCAT for GDOC, after selection they undergo training and get posted into the GARUD Commando. Also, Technical and Ground Duty staff officers can apply for GARUD.

Garud Commando With Full Gear

#Airmen: Airmen Section Centres allow the selection of GARUD Commando directly. A notification releases for the recruitment of GARUD. Only for once, the person is allowed for the selection. After selection, they undergo for training and gets posted.

Educational Qualification To Be Qualified In Special Forces:​

FOR OFFICER: Graduation in any field

FOR AIRMEN: Completed 12th in any field

FOR SAILOR: Completed 12th with PCM

FOR PBOR/SOLDIER: Completed 10th
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