Why LCA Tejas should be the Best Choice of IAF in Warfare?

Tejas is a light 4++ generation war plane. It is designed to intercept and engage hostile jet and to perform combat air patrol, surveillance, close air support, hitting enemy positions with precision guided ammunition in some cases as a deep penetration strike fighter.

A multi role aircraft like Tejas can perform various types of role in war with a combat radius of 500 km.

The 500 km combat radius includes 3 tons of weapon load and maintaining a height of 30,000 ft(the more altitude it gain its combat radius or fuel efficiency will increase subsequently or vice versa).

Tejas role as a interceptor​

Tejas role as a interceptor

In an Air to Air configuration Tejas can carry two R-73 and four Derby-ER missile along with a drop tank.With the help of quadruplex digital fly by wire and helmet mounted sight It will perform very well in within visual range engagement.

With a Multi mode radar and Derby ER missile with a range of 100 km it has the capability to take out any hostile aircraft in beyond visual range engagement. Mark1A version will incorporate an AESA radar so in BVR combat its efficiency will increase.

Tejas armed with Derby- ER and R-73 missile.

Combat air patrol​

During a conflict Tejas will carry out sorties to defend air bases from enemy raids. In an Air to Air configuration it will carry two R-73, two Derby-ER missile and two 800 liter drop tanks and it will achieve a endurance of 1 hour 24 minutes without any in flight refueling.


Tejas armed with AN/AAQ-28(V) Lightening targeting pod will be able to monitor ground targets or enemy movement. It can also be used as a secondary armed reconnaissance fighter. The lightening pod included a forward looking high resolution infrared camera.

Lightening Pod

Tejas armed with Lightening Pod

Tejas role in providing close air support​

Tejas will hit its target with pin point accuracy with laser guided bomb. Air force will deploy it to destroy well fortified enemy bunkers and hostile artillery positions.

Tejas role in Hitting enemy positions​

Apart from laser guided bomb Tejas can also carry 500 kg gravity bombs.

In a bombing configuration Tejas will carry four 500kg bomb, two R-73 missile, one targeting pod and one drop tank. It can be operated from forward landing bases of western sector or eastern sector to hit hostile infrastructure, ammunition depot or airfield.

Its advance cockpit will allow it to hit targets with precision.

Tejas role as a deep penetration strike fighter​

In a strike configuration Tejas will carry two R-73 missile, three high explosive 500kg bombs, litening pod and two drop tanks for deep penetration strike.Its superior multi mode radar will allow it to engage ground and air targets simultaneously.

Tejas will also have a Inflight refueling probe which will increase its combat radius to nearly 800+ km. Through buddy refueling process it can stay in the air for longer period of time.

These are the several reasons we feel that the LCA will be one of the best fighter jets for India to include in any warfare.

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