France Seeks Strategic Partnership with India for Defence Manufacturing and Exports


In a significant development, France is making a concerted effort to tap into India's expanding defence manufacturing sector. The aim is to forge a long-term alliance centered on the joint production and export of weapon systems. This move aligns with both nations' strategic interests and could significantly reshape the global defence landscape.

The French government is actively encouraging its Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) to partner with Indian private companies. This initiative seeks to manufacture French-designed weapons within India, primarily for export to third-party countries. Notably, systems such as the Mistral short-range air defence system and GM 200 radars have been identified as potential candidates for production under this framework.

A key aspect of this collaboration is the focus on exports rather than solely catering to the Indian military's needs. France aims to leverage India's competitive production costs to make French weaponry more appealing in the international market. This approach not only boosts the export potential of French systems but also provides India with a platform to showcase its manufacturing capabilities on a global stage.

India stands to gain substantially from this partnership. The involvement of the private sector in defence manufacturing will lead to job creation, technology transfer, and a significant boost to India's ambitions of becoming a major defence exporter. India has been actively pursuing defence exports in recent years, and this collaboration presents a valuable opportunity to gain experience and access new markets.

Collaboration between India and France in defence manufacturing is not entirely new. In 2018, both nations signed a €7.87 billion (US$9.3 billion) deal for 36 Dassault Rafale fighter jets, a portion of which includes offsets requiring Dassault and its partners to invest 50% of the contract value back into India's defence sector. This new initiative builds upon this existing foundation and aims to expand the scope of joint production and export activities.

The potential benefits of this strategic partnership are substantial. By combining India's manufacturing prowess with France's technological expertise, both nations can significantly increase their defence exports. This collaboration not only strengthens their bilateral relationship but also contributes to a more diversified and competitive global defence market.

As this partnership unfolds, it will be crucial to monitor its progress and impact on both nations' defence industries. The success of this initiative could serve as a model for future collaborations in the defence sector, fostering greater cooperation and innovation between countries.
If France is serious, why not start with production of Meteor missiles in India ??
It multiples the production cost by times and sells. The Mirage upgrade was most expensive and most useless upgrade.
Lot will depend on MRFA winner , France have Good chance to grab many Defence manufacturing weapons with JV with India From AMCA Consultant ,pump jet Tech For Subs , Meteor Missile, Scalp Missile. Aero-Engine Joint Development with IPR with India.
If Indian production capabilities and technical talents are good enough to manufacture other weapons systems in India, then why does France/Dassault have been dragging India through mud over Rafales and fighter engines.

Not sure how can it explain?
It multiples the production cost by times and sells. The Mirage upgrade was most expensive and most useless upgrade.
Yup that was by lazy HAL. If it wasnt cost effective, think french wouldnt have been thinking about it (that is if the news is true).
If France is serious, why not start with production of Meteor missiles in India ??
Because MBDA owns the rights for Meteor and France is only one of the many stakeholders,
This is the advantage we get for developing our product. If we make and induct our own weapon systems we also get other benefits like manufacturing cost, etc.
India should develop weapons and technology with France or other country that we cant do, or it will take too long or it is too expensive. The best option is to develop our own weapons 100% indigenously but if it’s urgently needed then develop and produce together.
They are fooling our country
Where is 8000cr Rafael tech transfer deal.
Not yet materialized. For them India is like cake which they want to eat. We have batter chance to develop indigenous weapons.
Best is to develop weapons of all countries including Russia forcing competition globally to develop in India.

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