Local Militants Aid Pakistani Terrorists in Jammu Attacks: Intel Angecies


Security agencies have revealed a concerning development in the recent spike of terror attacks in the Jammu region. Intelligence suggests that two to three local terrorists, who had previously fled to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) from the Doda region, have re-entered India alongside Pakistani terrorists.

These individuals are believed to be aiding the foreign militants with their attacks in Kathua, Udhampur, and Doda districts, leveraging their knowledge of the local terrain to identify targets and safe havens.

Leveraging Technology for Terror​

In addition to local support, Pakistani terrorists are utilizing technology to their advantage. Investigators have discovered that the Alpine Quest mobile app, typically used by trekkers, was used by the terrorists involved in the July 8th Kathua attack, which left five soldiers dead. This app enables navigation through dense forests, even without internet access, and provides detailed information about the terrain.

Furthermore, encrypted Chinese telecom devices, known as Ultra Set, have been seized in recent encounters with terrorists. These devices operate on radio waves and bypass traditional mobile technologies, connecting to a master server in Pakistan via Chinese satellites.

Multiple Terrorist Groups Active in Jammu​

Intelligence suggests that two distinct terrorist groups are operating in the Jammu region, both having splintered into smaller units spread across the upper reaches of Doda, Kathua, Udhampur, and Reasi districts.

The Kashmir Tigers, a proxy of the Jaish-e-Mohammed terror outfit, has claimed responsibility for the Kathua attack.

Countermeasures and Legal Challenges​

In response to the increasing use of technology by terror groups, the Indian government has taken measures such as banning 14 mobile messaging applications in May 2023.

However, the recent Delhi high court ruling upholding the ban on the Briar messaging app, which operates without internet connectivity, highlights the challenges in balancing national security concerns with individual privacy rights.

Continued Efforts to Combat Terrorism​

Security forces have intensified anti-terror operations in the region, aiming to eliminate the threat posed by these infiltrating terrorists. The investigation into the recent attacks is ongoing, with a focus on identifying and dismantling the support networks that enable these acts of violence.

This concerning trend of local terrorists collaborating with foreign militants underscores the complex and evolving nature of the security challenges faced by the Jammu region. As technology continues to play a significant role in these activities, the ongoing efforts of security and intelligence agencies to adapt and counter these threats remain crucial.

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