7 Most Professional Hair Cuts of Indian Army Soldiers

Military soldiers are obliged to put on a certain set of haircuts known as the "army haircut." These looks are meant to be pragmatic, minimal maintenance, and present a polished, disciplined image. Around the world, military haircuts are in style and frequently associated with discipline, commitment, and patriotism.

Short haircuts and perfect grooming are hallmarks of military members, conveying a sense of discipline, professionalism, and order. Each of the many military haircuts has a distinct role and was created with practicality in mind. This article will examine the most prevalent varieties of army hairstyles.

Basic Features​

The fundamental rules for army hairstyles differ based on the branch of the military and the demands of the particular position. Nevertheless, the majority of military haircuts share a few traits in common:
  • Short length: The majority of army haircuts are short, with the back and sides of the head's hair trimmed nearly to the scalp. The hair on top of the head is typically still quite short, although a little longer.
  • In most cases, the hairstyle is characterised by a tapered back and sides, where the length gradually decreases towards the neckline and sideburns. This results in a nice and consistent appearance.
  • No fringe: Because fringes can obstruct eyesight and get in the way of helmets and headgear, most army haircuts don't have them.
  • Extreme hairstyles are not appropriate for military personnel. Instead, modest and workable designs should be worn, with no bold or distracting hues.

Hair Styles​

1. Flat Top​

Flat Top

A flat, horizontal top that is typically an inch or two long is what defines the flat top style. Short cuts are made to the sides and back of the hair, and the top is tapered to a smooth surface. In the US Air Force, military members frequently use the flat top as a hairstyle.

2. Side Part​

Side Part

The side part is an enduring hairstyle with a long history of use in the military. The hair on top is often two to three inches long, and it is distinguished by a portion that is shaved into the hair on one side of the head.

One may customise the side part of their hair to suit their personal style, making it a very versatile hairstyle.

3. High and Tight​

High and Tight

Characterised by a closely cropped cut on the sides and back of the head, the high and tight is among the most well-liked hairstyles among the Indian army.

The hair at the top is normally tapered and only a few inches long. Military personnel who are often subjected to severe environments might consider this style because it is easy to maintain and requires little styling.

4. Crew Cut​

Crew Cut

The crew cut resembles the high and tight, with the exception that the top is marginally lengthier. This traditional military haircut has been popular since World War II.

Usually, the hair is tapered on the sides and back and trimmed to a consistent length of about an inch. In addition, the crew cut takes little styling and is simple upkeep.

5. Ivy League​

Ivy League

An approachable alternative to the crew cut, the Ivy League has a marginally lengthier peak. The hair on top is normally two to three inches long, and it is usually tapered on the sides and back.

Ivy League hairstyles are frequently observed in military academies.

6. Regulation Cut​

Regulation Cut

A lot of soldiers in the Indian Army sport the regulation cut. The only real difference between this and the crew cut is the length at the crown. Usually, the top hair is trimmed to a length of two inches, tapering off at the back and sides.

For military personnel who have to keep up a professional appearance while wearing uniforms, the regulation cut is perfect.

7. Buzz Cut​

Buzz Cut

Of all army hairstyles, the buzz cut is the shortest, with hair trimmed to a uniform length throughout the head.

Because it requires very little upkeep and is perfect for military personnel who are constantly exposed to hostile situations, the buzz cut is most popular in frontline soldiers.

During training also, cadets and Indian army special forces operators frequently adopt this haircut.


The various army hairstyles have been created with specific responsibilities in mind.

All of them require little upkeep and are simple to maintain, which makes them perfect for military personnel who routinely work in difficult environments.

Additionally, these hairstyles convey an aura of professionalism, order, and discipline—qualities that are crucial for military personnel.

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