7 Radar Systems developed by DRDO for Indian Armed Forces

In India, Electronics and Radar Development Establishment (LRDE) is the laboratory that comes under Defence Research & Development Organisation ( DRDO ) which is responsible for development of radars. This organisation has met success with various radar systems developed by it being inducted in Indian Armed Forces now in large numbers. This is seen as a step ahead for DRDO which aims to make India self-sufficient in various key military technology to reduce our import-dependency on foreign military hardware.

LRDE partners with Bharat Electronics Limited and private companies like Astra micro and Datapatterns for production of radars. Some of these radar systems are being highlighted below :

1. INDRA (Indian Doppler Radar)​

INDRA (Indian Doppler Radar)

It is a series of 2D mobile surveillance radar for low level target detection. It features integrated Identification Friend-or-Foe System , Track while scan and full tracking capabilities for maneuvering targets. Besides being used by Indian Air Force and Indian Army it was also exported to Sri Lanka. Featuring advanced signal processing using MTD and CFAR Techniques it is claimed that it is easy to be transported.

2. RAJENDRA Radar​


It is a multifunction electronically scanned phased array Radar which is the heart of Aakash Air Defence System. It is a passive electronically scanned array (PESA) radar and is used to guide Aakash missile to its target. Mounted on a two wheeled vehicle it fulfills multiple radar functions like surveillance, tracking and guidance. It can track 64 targets and engage 4 targets at a single time. Its range extends upto 80 kilometres and at an altitude of 18 km.

3. Central Acquisition Radar (3D-CAR)​

Central Acquisition Radar (3D-CAR)

It is a 3D S-Band Radar developed by DRDO for Indian Army and Indian Air Force. Army uses Rohini variant while Air Force uses Revathi variant. It can track targets upto a range more than 180 km and is capable of detecting low-altitude targets, and also supersonic aircraft flying at over Mach 3 speed. The radar features digital receiver, programmable signal processor providing high resolution, accuracy, response and information availability. The radar is packaged on two high mobility TATRA vehicles to meet operational and battlefield mobility requirements.

4. Swathi Weapon Locating Radar (WLR)​

Swathi Weapon Locating Radar (WLR)

It is a C-Band pulse Doppler radar used for locating hostile artillery, mortars and rocket launchers and tracks friendly fire to locate the impact point of artillery fire to issue necessary corrections. It can track 7 targets at a single time and are helpful for Indian Army to locate Pakistani artillery positions across the LOC.

5. Ashwini Radar​

Ashwini Radar

It is a 4D Low Level Transportable Radar and is developed to track hostile targets with foolproof accuracy. It can detect high-speed and maneuverable targets upto a range of 200 kilometres. It is an active phased array, and is easily transportable.

6. Arudhra Radar​

Arudhra Radar

It is a Medium Power Radar (MPR) and is an active phased array multifunction 4D radar capable of automatic detection and tracking of aerial targets ranging from fighter aircrafts to slow moving targets. It features 2D Digital Beam-forming, Time synchronization of multiple receivers, Critical real-time software and firmware and DBF based active array calibration.

7. PJT-531 Battle Field Surveillance Radar​

PJT-531 Battle Field Surveillance Radar

It is a man portable 2D short-range battlefield and perimeter surveillance radar. This radar has been a boon to Indian forces at LOC. It is used by Indian Army and BSF along with foreign customers like Indonesia and Sudan. It operates in J Band in 21 frequencies, and can detect crawling men, group of men, Armored Vehicles and Heavy Vehicles at varying distance.