After Watching His Acting In Lucknow, RAW made Him An Officer In The Pakistan Army

After Watching His Acting In Lucknow, RAW made Him An Officer In The Pakistan Army

Sushant Singh Rajput’s project “Romeo, Akbar, Walter” abbreviated as RAW is said to be a Drama based on real incidents backed by Indian Intelligence Agency, RAW. The recently launched poster shows India and Pakistan’s flag in the background with the year 1971. The tagline, “Our hero? Their spy?” speculates the concept to be related to the two of the most disputable missions of Raw in the 70’s.

1. Operation Black Tiger​

Ravindra Kaushik, a college student and theatre artist was spot by the RAW while being part of a drama in Lucknow and was soon recruited. In 1975, Ravi disguised as ‘Nabi Ahmad Shakir,’ joined the Pakistani army’s account department and later married a girl name Amanat, who was the daughter of the army’s tailor. Ravi worked with a code name “Black Tiger” and stayed put in Pakistan for long enough to save about 20,000 Indian Soldiers with his contribution.

Story Of Ravinder Kaushik Former RAW Agent

It was in the year 1983, when another agent, Inayat Maseeh was sent to Pakistan. A negligence in Inayat’s deployment cost big time to Ravi when he was caught up and tortured for two years. Ravi was sentenced to death but later changed to life imprisonment until his death with a heart attack in Pakistan’s Multan Jail, in 2001.

Indian government denies any official connection with Kaushik. However, Ravi’s family claims that Atal Bihari Bajpai, then PM, has written letters to his mother stating, Ravi would have been an officer in the Pakistani army if he had not been exposed.

2. Ganga Plane Hijack​

In 1971, a mission was strategized by RAW to have a pressure on Pakistan. BSF arrested 36 members of a terrorist organization named Al-Fateh, which used to work from Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and subsequently, a RAW agent was admitted in Al-Fateh. Pakistani Intelligence Agency, ISI took this agent for a terrorist and trained him likewise with the knowledge of flying and hijacking a plane under Pakistani army.

India Itself Hijacked Ganga Plane in 1971 – Ex Officer of RAW Disclosed

As per their plan, a retired Air India airplane ‘Ganga’ was hijacked and taken to Lahore. The hijackers were then warmly welcomed like a hero by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and demanded the release of 36 terrorists of Al-Fateh, which was not considered.

If theories are to be believed of the involvement of RAW, this hijack did manage to damage the situation of Pakistan to an extent. Soon after the hijack, India accused Pakistan of supporting terrorist organizations before the world and banned the flights from India to Pakistan. This affected the movement of Pakistani army into reaching Bangladesh which actually benefited the army in the 1971 war.

There was speculation of that agent to be Kashmiri Separatist Leader, Hashim Qureshi who denies his involvement in such activity.


The conclusion however remains that all the hijacked passengers of ‘Ganga’ walked their way from Lahore to Amritsar without any demands being met and many of Al-Fateh’s terrorists were arrested later.
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