Army Incorporates FPV Drones Training in Agniveer Curriculum

Army Incorporates FPV Drones Training in Agniveer Curriculum

The Indian Army is modernizing its combat training practices by introducing First-Person View (FPV) drones into its Agniveer training program.

This strategic move positions the Army at the forefront of military technology adoption, reflecting a global trend towards integrating FPV drones in tactical operations.

Understanding FPV Drones​

FPV drones distinguish themselves with a camera mounted on the drone that transmits a live video feed directly to a pilot's headset. This immersive perspective provides pilots with the agility for close-quarters reconnaissance and targeting, especially vital in complex urban battlescapes.

Transforming Indian Army Training​

The Indian Army's decision to incorporate FPV drones into Agniveer training signifies a shift towards preparing soldiers for the technological realities of modern warfare.

Potential applications for these lightweight UAVs include:
  • Advanced Reconnaissance and Surveillance: In areas like fortified trenches or dense forests, FPV drones offer real-time visual intelligence, gathering crucial insights while reducing risks to soldiers on the ground.
  • Precision Target Acquisition: Live video feeds and maneuverability allow FPV drones to identify enemy positions with pinpoint accuracy, which can then be used to direct artillery or airstrikes.
  • Tactical Disruption: FPV drones could be adapted for targeted strikes against enemy combatants or lightly armored vehicles. This grants forces an element of surprise and tactical advantage.

Inspiration from the Ukraine Conflict​

The Ukraine conflict has starkly illustrated the potent role of FPV drones on a modern battlefield. Both sides have widely used readily available commercial FPV drones, often modifying them for combat. The impact of these drones likely accelerated the Indian Army's adoption of FPV drone technology.


The Indian Army's commitment to FPV drone training underscores their forward-thinking approach to combat preparation.

As global military tactics continue to integrate emerging technologies, India's strategic embrace of FPV drones ensures its forces remain well-prepared and equipped for a technologically driven future of warfare.
That is the future. Mastering this technology will give India an advantage.
Drone piloting and FPV drone training should now be part of standard course curriculum for both agniveers and officers. All soldiers need to have basic training in this field. Just as how rifle training is standard

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