BDL Delivers Final Varunastra Torpedoes to Indian Navy, Boosting India's Naval Might

BDL Delivers Final Varunastra Torpedoes to Indian Navy, Boosting India's Naval Might

Visakhapatnam, India – Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL) has reached a major milestone, announcing the completion of its Varunastra heavyweight torpedo contract for the Indian Navy. Dr. Y Sreenivas Rao, Director General (Naval Systems & Materials) flagged off the final torpedo delivery at BDL's Visakhapatnam unit.

The Varunastra, a formidable weapon named after the Hindu god of oceans, is a state-of-the-art, electrically-propelled torpedo. Designed specifically to counter submarine threats in both shallow and deep waters, it was developed by India's Naval Science and Technological Laboratory (NSTL).

The weapon system boasts an impressive indigenous content exceeding 95%.

In June 2019, the Indian Ministry of Defence awarded a substantial contract to BDL, valued at ₹1,187 crore (US$170 million), for the mass production of Varunastra torpedoes.

This successful delivery marks a significant achievement in the ongoing partnership between the Indian Navy, NSTL, and BDL, showcasing their commitment to domestically developing vital defense equipment.

Key Points​

  • Enhanced Capabilities: The Varunastra torpedo significantly boosts the Indian Navy's anti-submarine warfare capabilities.
  • Technological Achievement: Its high-level of indigenous components is a testament to India's growing self-reliance in defense technology.
  • Successful Collaboration: The project highlights the effective cooperation between various branches of the Indian defense sector.
The successful completion of the Varunastra heavyweight torpedo project further strengthens India's position as a rising leader in defense manufacturing and technological advancement.
BDL has a great track record of deliveries. It is never in a controversy. BDL and BEL are excellent DPSUs. Since they have nothing to do with the OFB, and HAL and dont carry their baggage.
Excellent👍👍.. however sub launched variant is eagerly awaited... its development has taken very long time..
Excellent news. However, this begs the question about why exactly the Navy is thinking of going for foreign heavyweight torpedoes? Is the Varunastra not compatible with the torpedo tubes on our submarines?
This is very good news. It is not clear how many are inducted in navy. The Submarine version is under development and hope to finish and induct soon.

BDL/BEL both are excellent companies and keeping promises.

Not sure why other heavy weight torpedoes(blackshark) in from foreign countries were in discussion recently. Hopefully it is submarine version only that can be purchased until we developed varunstra for submarines.
It is a great news for Indian Navy warships but not for submarines as these are specifically for warships.

Indian Navy submarines including Scorpenes are using old SUT torpedoes.
Perhaps to address the deficiency by resurrecting Blackshark deal with Italian companies and start manufacturing under old contract terms of 100% TOT after first 18 comes from Italy.
It will greatly help India as Scorpene subs are hardwired for Blackshark torpedoes.

Indigenous development will surely takes its time in India.
The Varunastra is another example of an indigenous product with performance not quite upto other contemporary heavy weight torpedoes. Why could it not be made to match others?

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