Govt. Aims To Roll Out "Theaterisation" Within One Year After Election Result

Govt. Aims To Roll Out Theaterisation Within One Year After Election Result

The Indian government, under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is reportedly setting an ambitious timeline for a major restructuring of the country's armed forces.

According to sources within the defence and security establishment, the government aims to roll out "theaterisation" within one year of the new government's swearing-in next month.

What is Theaterisation?​

Theaterisation involves replacing the current system of individual service commands (Army, Navy, Air Force) with unified theatre commands.

These new commands would integrate the capabilities of all three branches, allowing for greater coordination and efficiency in military operations. It represents the most significant military reform in India's history.

A Tight Timeline​

The government has made it clear that it expects the armed forces to present a structured plan for theaterisation within the one-year timeframe.

While the full implementation of such a complex reform will undoubtedly take longer, the government anticipates launching initial jointness initiatives by the end of this year.

These could include joint training programs, administrative changes, and logistical reforms.

Two Key Theatre Commands Planned​

As previously reported, the government plans to establish two integrated theatre commands: one focused on the western borders with Pakistan, and another facing China.

The first command is expected to be headquartered in Jaipur, with the second in Lucknow. A maritime theatre command, responsible for India's maritime and coastal interests, is also in the works, potentially based in Karwar, Karnataka.

Challenges and Roadblocks​

Theaterisation has been a long-discussed reform, but it has faced numerous hurdles. Previous Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) General Bipin Rawat had formulated a plan, but it stalled due to disagreements within the armed forces about the new structure and hierarchy.

However, recent reports suggest that the three services are now largely on board with the broad contours of the plan being developed by current CDS General Anil Chauhan.

The Path Forward​

While the specifics of the theaterisation plan are still being finalized, the government's determination to move forward with this reform is clear. The BJP has committed to theaterisation in its election manifesto, and sources say the CDS and service chiefs are already working to increase jointness and integration.

India's ambitious military reform is poised to move forward, with the government setting a clear timeline for theaterisation. While the road ahead may be challenging, the potential benefits for India's defence capabilities are significant.

The coming year will be crucial in determining the shape and success of this historic reform.

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