How A Sunday Looks Like For a Gentleman Cadet in OTA

We all know how hard is the training of a gentleman cadet when he is being made to serve in the army. However, all the cadets miss this lifestyle fondly and they know they will achieve something priceless when they are formerly inducted in the armed forces. For everyone who thinks Sunday might be very free of a gentleman cadet, they are in a huge shock.

An anonymous writer on Quora answered a question titled, “will I get a holiday on sunday in the air force academy or I will be trained every day?”. The answer which he gave was humourous and very interesting.

So, the cadets dreaded a Sunday and they prayed that they don’t have any holiday. And they used to be afraid when they thought a sunday which was approaching.

The reason for this is on a sunday, their senior Gentlemen Cadets(GC is the lingo) also have a holiday and they have full time to spend on us. A normal sunday starts with a patti parade(which is ritual rather than punishment in which you change several uniforms in less than 2–3 minutes for each uniform and report to the senior) at 0400. The seniors used to take turns and this will stretch up 0655.

They only get free at 0655 because at 0700, the platoon commander comes and the cadets have to take part in a cross country practice which is normally of 12.5 kilometers(roughly 7 miles) every single Sunday. This would continue till 0900(stretching and all, working on weak runners, motivational talk by platoon commander after the run, etc).

Sunday is also haircut day too and there are just 2-3 barbers for 500 gentleman cadets. Although a barber only takes 1 minute per GC but it is not less than a nightmare. The shop will be filled with junior GCs in Murga position, some in Maharaja position and so on.

It easily takes 2–3 hours for a haircut. It was later during the training that we started keeping trimmers(to save time) and we would turn ourselves into barbers. Army prepares you for everything. By the end of training, a GC must be able to do a open heart surgery. Jokes apart.

In the afternoon, you have to bring stuff for you as well as your senior from the canteen. It takes another 2–3 more hours.

At 1800, everyone is required to attend the compulsory movie. This is the time which a GC waits for one complete week, because it’s here that he gets 3 hours of complete sleep. I seriously don’t remember any of the 80–90 movies I attended(not seen) there.

After movie, dinner in 1–2 minutes followed by a little more ragda. Congratulations, you have successfully cleared one Sunday.

The after notes of the answer-

This post is not to demoralize anyone from joining the Armed Forces. I still cherish each and every moment which I spent in the Academy. Once you become a commissioned officer, you realize that those things were necessary to mould one, from a boy into a man capable of leading men into battle. These punishments are really minuscule compared to the tasks one gets and the pride one gets when he/she joins army.

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