“Jitna Ragdaa, Utna Tagdaa”- A Memorable Incident from Indian Military Academy

There are many incidents which a gentleman cadet never forgets in his life, because those moments define courage, bravery and fun. We are just sharing a little accident which happened while the harsh training was going on. Things that give the cadets the courage to fight, comes from their spirit and never give up attitude.

An interesting incident is shared by Suraj Kumar Gupta on Quora when one of his friend was getting trained in IMA.

The incident goes like this – During the training at IMA, they cadets were taken to a cliff for Ragda, as there’s a saying,

Jitna ragdaa, utna tagdaa”(the more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war.)

So, their whole batch was on the top of the hill at 0300 hours, in the chilling atmosphere of Dehradun, in just a vest and shorts, and they were asked to do front rolls ( for those who don’t know what front roll is, i would recommend you to do so in just a flat floor, forget about a hilly road with full of pebbles and stones)

They were all exhausted and were full of sweat and blood. Completely out of energy and were just stagnant at a place in midst of those chilling winds which was doing nothing great except enhancing the pain by moving over the streams of blood and sweat.

Then there comes a guy, who stood and and shouted from the bottom of his epiglottis(I wonder from where he got the spirit to stand up.)

“Aashiqo me jiska title Titanic”

The others also slowly started feeling and energy with a bit of laughter and they matched their voices with the voice of their mate

“Aashiqo me jiska title Titanic”

then the leader continued

“Muaah kinara dikha kar ke daga de gaya”

and then as the song progressed to the lines when Parineeti Chopra comes and dances on the words Jhallah wallah, the whole lot was doing front rolls with full swing and the pain just disappeared in those sky piercing laughter of the warriors.

So you can see an interesting fact in this whole incident, nowadays people try to become leader and they want to lead people, but when the time comes, their balls drop off.

Always remember if you have a leader in you, you need not to pretend, it will emerge out automatically whenever you will face such situation which will ask for your potential.

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