LAC Standoff with China is a Positive Wake-Up Call for India: Former Army Chief

LAC Standoff with China is a Positive Wake-Up Call for India: Former Army Chief

At a recent literature festival, General MM Naravane, the former chief of the Indian Army, stated that the 2020 Line of Actual Control (LAC) standoff with China was a good wake-up call that made clear the "number one threat" that India confronts.

He challenged a long-standing reluctance to name China as the main threat by stating that "what happened (the LAC standoff) is not a bad thing." He clarified that by bringing attention to the real cause of worry, the conflict “worked exceedingly good for India."

Some experts found resonance with this viewpoint and believe it to be a required course adjustment. They argue that prior to the standoff, India frequently took a nuanced stance towards its relationship with China, downplaying possible risks in favour of mutually beneficial economic collaboration.

Others, however, advised caution, pointing to the complex nature of India's relationship with China, a significant commercial partner and influential figure in regional affairs. They stress the need for a well-rounded strategy that takes into account both possible risks and opportunities for cooperation.

Whatever one's personal opinions, there is no denying that General Naravane's remarks have spurred an important discussion regarding India's foreign policy direction and strategic priorities. His remarks serve as a reminder of how crucial it is to ensure national security through unbiased evaluations and preventative actions.

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