Life of an IB (Intelligence Bureau) Officer

Life of an IB (Intelligence Bureau) Officer

In every event of possible hostile activity against any nation, intelligence agencies of the nation respond first. The men who stood for the nation, remains in a shadow, they are not supposed to come into the light. This is one of the several difficult protocols every intelligence officer has to follow. We have an interest to know the life of intelligence officers, though they shouldn’t but thanks to the fantasy created by Hollywood and Bollywood.

Intelligence Bureau is one of the oldest intelligence agencies of the world, established in the 1887 A.D. IB was created on 23 December 1887, by the British Secretary of State as a sub-sect of the Central Special Branch but there is no act of the Indian parliament nor executive order on the functioning of the IB. In 2012, a PIL was filed challenging the legality of the bureau. IB is used to garner intelligence from within India and execute counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism tasks. Intelligence Bureau comes under Ministry of Home Affairs, unlike R&AW which ultimately reports to the Prime Minister of India.

Life of an officer in Intelligence Bureau is tough, full of sacrifices and full of danger, it’s not like running with a girl(as shown in certain Bollywood flicks), visiting exotic destinations or falling in love when they are on the mission. While serving in the Intelligence Bureau, you may get your first posting in very dangerous areas, like Kashmir or North East region of the country. Your secrecy is the only defense you will get in such areas, but the bureau trains you to hide your identity in training.

The Initial training is quite easier than army but work profile challenges the individual’s mental strength. The initial training happens in Shivpuri, which is mostly running one and half kilometers, two hours of exercise classes then again exercises.

The second phase of training will be in Delhi, there is almost no physical training only theoretical classes from morning to evening and the best thing is you will be getting the salary of about 20,000 rupees during your training period.

One should be mentally prepared for the loneliness, arrogant behavior from your senior officer and total isolation from the member of other forces deployed with you. The work is dangerous, but nothing to be scared of as long as you don’t do anything stupid.

An IB officer can have unlimited opportunities for jobs in other organizations as the deputation, you can be deputed to CRPF, RAW, Airport protection or SPG. You just have to clear the departmental exams.

Many have a misconception about Intelligence Bureau operative’s lifestyle and weapons they carry, which is just a myth. Some of them are basic like officers of Intelligence Bureau do not carry guns all time, they have guns while on deputation in CRPF or SPG. Though Intelligence Bureau have many special powers like wire tapping without any warrant, electronic surveillance but still they cannot arrest any person by themselves.

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