NITI Aayog Expands Scope to Include Security and Law Reviews

NITI Aayog Expands Scope to Include Security and Law Reviews

NEW DELHI - The Indian government has expanded the purview of its premier policy think tank, NITI Aayog, to include appraisals of security and law-related proposals. This marks a significant shift in the organization's mandate, which has traditionally focused on economic, health, education, and social policy matters.

To accommodate this expanded scope, NITI Aayog has established two new dedicated verticals: one focused on security and the other on law. Retired Major General K Narayanan will lead both verticals, serving as the primary point of contact for the ministries of defense, external affairs, and home affairs on security-related matters.

This move comes ahead of the expected reconstitution of NITI Aayog following the recent formation of a new government. The think tank's vice chairman and members typically serve concurrent terms with the government, while the prime minister serves as its ex-officio chairman.

For the past decade, security and legal matters have not been within NITI Aayog's purview. However, a senior government official emphasized the organization's significant contributions to India's policy landscape and the value of its expert opinions in these critical areas.

The security vertical will prioritize issues related to India's self-reliance in the defense sector, working in coordination with the ministries of home affairs, external affairs, and defense. Additionally, it will collaborate with the home ministry on the government's "Vibrant Village Programme," which aims to develop border villages.

The law vertical will conduct reviews of Cabinet notes, draft new laws, and provide legal scrutiny on various proposals. It will also suggest legal and regulatory reforms in the judicial and industrial sectors. Its responsibilities will include appraising projects requiring legal scrutiny, drafting and vetting legal documents, and evaluating guidelines and policies.

This expansion of NITI Aayog's mandate reflects the government's recognition of the growing importance of security and legal considerations in India's policy landscape. The think tank's expertise is expected to contribute valuable insights to these crucial areas, ultimately leading to more informed and effective policy decisions.

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