Recommended From 11 SSB Allahabad For Indian Military Academy

“I WANT TO STAND IN FRONT OF THE FLAGS WITH A PLUS SIGN ON MY CHEST NUMBER AND SENSE OF ACHIEVEMENT ON MY FACE” this is what I used to tell my sister. And on 8th Aug 2018 this dream came true when I was standing in front of the flags inside the candidates lines of 11 SSB Allahabad.

Hello, My name is Aman Pandey. Here is my SSB recommendation experience. Rejection center they said, but I always wanted to get selected from this rejection center. Big smile came across when I received the call letter for my IMA-146 SSB at Allahabad. Being previously recommended for Navy but medically unfit for Navy(Apr 2016) I had good amount of pressure this time. So we reported there on 3rdAug 2018 at the center and after all the documentation we rested in the candidates lines. On the next day, testing started. I did all the questions from OIRT. In PP&DT I wrote a story and gave a good narration. GD started but as always fish market got created. Kept my calm and tried giving points in the GD. Got screened in. Out of 69 candidates reported, 26 got screened in. I was chest number 16 now.

On day 2 the psychology testing started. I finished my 12 TAT stories, missed few words in WAT. I solved 51 SRTs and wrote the complete SD. Now comes the time of GTO. Started with GD in which I couldn’t speak that much as I did not have a good hold of the topic which was given to us. I spoke well in the second GD. After that in GPE we were given the tasks which we successfully solved by making a good plan. Everyone contributed in the GPE and it was a good discussion. By the time of Group Obstacle Race(GOR) I was feeling very hungry. But when the GOR started my hunger for food vanished away. By shouting our war cry we were ferociously completing the tasks. Just then our energy level went down and all of us stopped shouting our war cry. Suddenly some ghost came into my body and all of sudden I shouted the war cry while looking at our group VANDE!!!! Then everyone responded MATARAM! Now everyone was pumped up again and we did all the tasks successfully.

Then we completed our subsequent GTO tasks. I gave fair number of ideas in PGT, HGT, FGT. Then we completed our Individual Obstacles, I did 12. Command task was good. It was based on disposing a bomb. I did it successfully through 3 approaches. Then came my interview. All sort of personal questions were asked including family,friends,teachers,myself. In between these questions a question was asked for which I was waiting since many days and that was

IO: “which regiment would you like to join?”


IO: Why?

Me: I am very much impressed by their war cry i.e. “JAI MAHAKALI, AAYO GORKHALI!”

He asked several questions and interview went on for around 40 mins.

Now came the conference. One thought which was coming into my mind a day before conference “This one day can change anyone’s life!” Dressed nicely we all went to the waiting room, waiting for our turns.

Conference started and 24 candidate’s conference was over. Now the candidate before me has got out of the conference room. I was eagerly waiting to go in. I was singing songs meanwhile. After waiting for around 10-15 mins chest number 16 flashed on the screen. I stood up and went to the hall heads up! I was thrilled by watching so many officers together interacting with me.

I was asked SRT. Suppose you are going to give an exam, you are at railway station,your train is about to leave in 20mins and then you realized that you have forgotten all your items including admit card, ticket, wallet, mobile, everything at home. What will you do? I answered it but he kept on asking me further questions by increasing the difficulty level. Keeping my calm I answered them all and came out.

Now came the result time! After the same formalities of motivating everyone in the batch, the officer announced the result. I will announce the chest number, you’ll shout your name, roll number and come and stand at my right side. Without creating even a little bit of suspense he said “CHEST NUMBER 16!”. In excitement I forgot my roll number but somehow I told him my name and roll no. the officer congratulated me by shaking hands.

Yes, this was my dream picture which I was talking about. (Coincidentally the chest number given to me had already “gorkha logo” drawn on it)

All my fellow candidates congratulated me and hugged me. I was happy for my achievement and sad that I was the only one who got recommended because there were many good candidates in my batch. We had a lots of fun in the candidates lines. I am sure by reading this line few of them would have got what I mean by “fun” here. 😉 After the medicals I am declared medically fit. Now waiting to join the Indian Military Academy.

What I experienced the main factor for getting recommended is common sense. If your behavior at candidate lines = testing ground = home then you will sail through. What we try to do at SSB is to show ourselves better, but that is not required. “bhai mai to aisa hi hu..tumne lena h to le lo..nhi to jane do..”

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