Remembering 9 Para SF on Their Raising Day

Remembering 9 Para SF on Their Raising Day

The world remains the victors, people remember the brave. There are various special forces in the world, almost every nation have it’s own special force but some forces are recognized by the whole world, unlike others. The entity of the bravest cannot be bought or created overnight, it needs unlimited sacrifices for their respective countries to keep them safe from odds. No force is special until they prove their mettle with their deeds and that’s what 9 Para SF have done since the first day of their formation. It is the oldest unit and also the first special forces battalion have a history which others can only dream of.


On 1 July 1966, a special unit was officially raised as the first special force battalion of soldiers with advanced skills. They use different and modern weapons from rest of the army and have no limits regarding code of conventional warfare. The base of Indian Special Forces was created by Major Meghdoot Singh during 1965 Indo-Pak war. He gathered some of the best men from different units and created a unit for a very special mission, the mission which turned the face of war for the Indian Army during the war. Later, the effectiveness of the unit was recognized by Indian Army and several similar units were raised back to back for different roles.

Bravery in the veins of the Indian Special Forces

9 Para SF who is also known as “The Pirates” in the Indian Army has a decorated history. The iconic Madhol Raid of 9 Para SF is one of the many glorious chapters in their books of brave deeds. Later,the unit was deployed in Counter Insurgency and Counter Terrorist operations in Kashmir.

Different avatars of 9 Para SF in Kashmir Operation

The unit has performed magnificently in the Valley operations, despite losing many brave operatives in the operations 9 Para SF always prove why they are one of the best of India’s Special Operation Community.

Major Sudhir of 9 Para SF disguise as militant, He was martyred after killing 9 terrorist.

9 Para SF works as an independent organization, if we evaluate their operations and toys they have hands on. They can get anything they want in their operation. From counter terrorist to counter infiltration, they work as India’s premier response to any hostile activity sponsored by the neighbours. They have hands on state of the art surveillance equipments, and mastered cryptology and encryptology.

Tavor-21 assault rifles, the standard issue rifle for 9 Para SF

They created a wide and rigid web of networks of digital as well as humans sources to get the pin point accurate intelligence.

Operatives of Para SF checking and observing activities in the valley through various cutting edge equipments.

Defence Lover wishes a very happy raising day to one of the most badass units of the Indian Army, 9 Para SF on their 51st raising day.
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