The Inspirational Story of This Cadet Will Motivate You to Wear Olive Green

If someone asks me which were your best days from the day I got recommended. I will say “The day I got recommended till the day I joined the academy were the best days of my life because there was proud, sense of achievement, patriotic feeling to do something for the nation but within 10 days I forget everything I forget patriotism seriously it hardly clicked my mind since the day I started training. I was cursing myself again and again. Is this the life I was striving for? Is this the olive green that brighten my eyes?? or is this the drill that brings butterflies in my stomach?? Trust me I was cursing myself and thought of every second option that I kicked away because of being a die-heart fan of INDIAN ARMY. Training in OTA is tough, fast, with mo mercy it is full of strict seniors, moody officers, and killing WEATHER. Why I am calling this training quick because what you do in 1.5 years in other academies you do all those things here in 49 weeks. Standards of IPT and PPT are also higher than other academies in the FIRST TERMS. During this period of my term, I missed my friends & my family so much but what I missed, even more, as IMA Dehradun, Dehradun’s weather, and its wonderful sceneries as I was living here.

Nevertheless, I am going to get pass out from here only and going to boast one day that I passed out from the toughest academy in India and 3rd toughest in the world. Officers training academy is running on three R’S i.e RIGHT RIG, RIGHT TIME and RIGHT PLACE if you are at fault in any of these three, you are going to have a tough time here. Sorry! not tough I’ll say worst because everyone has a tough time here. It will start from P.T 5:45 is our first period of PT. Where you are not afraid of instructor or intense PT session that tensed about cleaning your shorts that need to be perfectly white.! If not your overstudy(your guardian in company) will get punishment and if he gets punishment your whole course will get an intense ragda session from whole senior course with a tagline “tumahri wajah se humara coursemate punishment khae”. And then murga, bend, tank, rolling, get onto knees, get into two’s and so many things. You will hardly find any senior calling you with your name rather they call you by nickname or surname.

After PT you get 10 minutes to go back to your company and change into olive green for the drill. There you face the ferocious drill sahab. They are considered as a monster or chilling nightmare for all officer cadets who can award a minimum of 3 restrictions just because one thread was coming out of your dress. You were not lifting your leg properly during drill or you were not shouting properly. The worst thing even after taking your I-slip and rewarding punishment are sending you to ZERO point (a hell place for all officer cadet) where you do 100 kadam taal in one go and not to count how many touch and backs you can do within those 40 minute period. It’s been said that if you passed these two periods easily your 3/4 day is passed. After this you take your cycle and rush back to your company for changing into next Rig(Rig is the dress for next parade) and taking breakfast. For this, you get one hour but because of our lenient seniors, this time is reduced to just 30-35 minutes. Which ultimately makes your breakfast time 5 minutes and then starts your lectures. Whole junior course wishes to have lectures all day and not to return to their company so that they remain away from their highly disciplined and infallible seniors. I don’t know why these lecture are kept in our academy training because their is hardly any cadet who has interest in lecture and theory.

Moreover, if they are forced to remain awake they sleep with open eyes. The conclusion is officers think we are taking full interest by shouting yes sir/no sir and asking questions but the truth is everything goes above the head and ultimately we got no sleep, no lesson and so much of limitation because we are going to face respected company seniors after taking lunch for 3-5 minutes. And happiness is when there is no senior sitting at the wishing position on the dining table. Now you reach your company and the worst part of the day starts because you are going to face your demo seniors who are perfect in everything and our small mistake can have a hammering effect on their head which result in two hours long session. Full of sweat, a lot of halla-gulla, shor shraba, torture, mental ragda. Although they call it P.T. Now comes the study period from 2:30 -3:30. It should be named as sleeping period and if you are caught then it should be ragda period. But naming it study period is disrespect to study when the study period ends we wish to have one more study period i.e not for study…. I guess you got it.

Then most probably comes to our swimming classes that’s again a nightmare for non-swimmers and dead sinkers. We need not carry a water bottle because pool water always gives us hope that we are not going to die thirsty. Somehow if we stopped swimming in the middle then be ready not to get sink but also to get slaps from the instructor if not then long stick on our bumps. You will get 1 minute to change into P.T rig or else run away taking all your belongings out of swimming pool area. Luckily if you got caught be ready for rolling, crab walk etc.

From here directly you reach for games period. I was so happy on my first day that I will get a chance to play games. But it has been 3 months that we got a chance to play on our own wish. We get to play only when an event of a particular game is approaching otherwise its P.T time. If seniors are in good mood then okay. otherwise, you may run 10 rounds of sand track or you may get the golden opportunity to climb a rope for 10 times with one-minute long break each time. Near about 7’o clock you reach your company and you get precisely 10 minutes to bath and change into muftis to go for entertainment.

Here entertainment means senior’s masti. Where we the juniors or jungoes remain bend or in murga position sometimes in tank position watching seniors dancing, singing inside the room. Just a jungoo things I want to share. The most irritated, frustrated we feel when seniors punisher us in mufti. Our sweet muftis hardly attract any sympathy from seniors. After being on hands for more than half n hour they wait for 5 minutes in the last just before study period so that we can enjoy dinner within a long span of 5 minutes. Again after the sleepy, sweaty, killings study period, we are asked to change into P.T rig for P.T with full stomach. If everything goes well there is light out at 10:30. If someone did mistake then again falling where you drink water till the time you vomit. If you are brave enough that you didn’t vomit during drinking then surely it will come out while rolling, or definitely in tank position or helicopter position. Even after this if seniors are happy then ohk otherwise, next fallin is at 2’o clock. Which usually ends before the next day P.T period. This is how my midterm break experience is all about.

There are some changes that I feel because of all these funny things that I did. Now waking up to at 3:40 am is usually routine for me and if someone allowed to sleep till 4’o clock it’s a privilege. Now I can do as many pushups my senior or officers want because it’s really easy doing pushes with my coursemate.

Now I can run even 40 km continuously because of just a few days before I ran 20 k.m and found its really easy when you run with your buddy. Now I don’t care if someone abuses me or even hit me with a stick because I know it was my fault and no one here is my enemy and every one want to make me learn.

Now I can eat till my throat in 5 minutes and if something is left on my plate. I have guts to take that in my pocket and eat it later. Now I know how to change dress in 2 minutes and how to bath in 5 minutes that too in a perfect manner. Now I have lost 10-14 kg but I know I have become stronger than before.

Now I have sixpack, now I can run faster than my own speed till date. Now after 3 months I can assure you, I have become stronger mentally & physically.

Thanks to OTA. Still, 9 months to go. I use to listen OTA produces the toughest soldiers now I have started believing this.

The writer Mr Kasana has passed out from OTA this year.

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