UFOs Seen Over India's Nuclear Power Plant, Sparking Security Fears

UFOs Seen Over India's Nuclear Power Plant, Sparking Security Fears

India's Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant has found itself at the center of renewed UFO speculation after a police investigator reported observing unusual aerial lights over the facility.

Syed Abdul Kader, of the Indian Police Service, shared two videos with DailyMail.com showing the lights appearing to move with rapid, "zigzag" maneuvers.

Fearing the objects could be extraterrestrial in nature, Kader contacted Sathish J. Keecheri, director of Ufologist Sasquatch Research Center India (S.R.C.I.).

Keecheri has been a vocal advocate for investigating unexplained sightings near nuclear installations. In 2019, he filed a Supreme Court of India petition, joined by former Pentagon officials and US Air Force veterans, demanding authorities take these incidents seriously.

The nature and purpose of the lights in the videos remain a mystery. While garnering significant media attention, no official explanation has been offered by Indian authorities regarding the Kudankulam events.

These reported UFO sightings near a strategically important nuclear facility have understandably raised security concerns. It's imperative that Indian authorities conduct a thorough and transparent investigation into these incidents, regardless of the final outcome.

Providing clarity to the public would help address anxieties and maintain trust in the security measures protecting the country's nuclear program.
This must be something CHINESE RESEARCH fking SHIP sending during its halt near BAY OF BANGALORE
This either has to be an Indian drone, helicopter or jet. It’s impossible for any kind of aerial threat to come near a nuclear facility and there would be air cover to prevent that. If that wasn’t the case then a well placed attack could set off a nuclear meltdown very easily and quickly. Also seeing nuclear plants from the air doesn’t provide any information or technology that anyone can find out by hovering around it.
Since Aliens would not like to be detected, it would not be logical that their vehicle would emit bright light. So must be some spying drone/uav of China/US. Or even a hologram.

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