When A Masalchi (Kitchen Helper) of Indian Army Killed a Leopard during 1971 War Operations

When we pass through the officer’s mess of a unit in the Indian army, our eyes observe the skin of Leopard which is hung on the wall.

The text below it is, “the leopard who died of shame”, the story goes like this. During the 1971 operations, this Indian army unit was posted in jungle, and it was completely dark at the nights. The location is very misty and visibility is very low.

During that time, the drinking sessions continued late nights, till 1 am-2 am and so forth. The officers have melt the mess. Now, the Masalchi (kitchen helper) and cook were working late at night and they start early every morning. Working from 7 am to night 1 am, one can imagine their plight. They were irritated towards the end of the day. Masalchi who was cleaning the utensils was throwing the waste food to the dogs and the dogs were fighting for the scraps of food.

During that time, a dog tried to stretch the food from the Haandi and the Masalchi gets irritated. And he takes that service ladle and gives a whack to that dog and there is yelping sound.

The next morning when everyone woke up, they were shocked to see a 8 feet leopard lying dead there. The same leopard was taken and at mounted at the mess so that every one can see how leopard a die of shame. A leopard is a king of jungle and how it was killed by a Masalchi.

The story is told in a funny way but it has a very strong message which says, “hamari paltan ka masalachi bhi sher maar deta hai, tum kis kheth ki mooli ho” which roughly translates to even a cook of our unit can kill a leopard, who are you trying to mess with. This becomes a very inspirational incident for everyone who joins the unit. It gives a message that how any unit derives his message.

This incident was dictated by Capt. Raghu Raman during Goafest. The complete video can be found here. You can also follow Capt. Raghu Raman on twitter.

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