When a Young Gurkha Slayed a Militant In A Fierce Hand to Hand Combat

There are many brave soldiers of the Indian army who fought silently and were forgotten when the years passed. One of them is this Gurkha Soldier who was guarding the Line of Control and had a good hand to hand combat, in the process killing the militant.

All that courage won’t fit in two lines, so we gonna tell you what all happened.

Army had a confirmed intelligence of militants infiltrating in the area of Baghialdhara Nallah on LoC. With armed militants who wanted to attack and an Indian army group was doing multiple ambushes in the area.

23-year-old soldier of Gurkha regiment of the Indian army, Rifleman Prem Bahadur Roka Magar achieved an surprising saga of raw courage, fearlessnes and eliminated two hardcore Pakistani trained terrorists in the Poonch Sector.

After the operation, Defence PRO enlighten the media with the details. They said, “The brave soldier after reaching within hand shaking distance tried to grab the AK 47 rifle of the Pak trained infiltrator and in the ensuing melee he escaped a gun shot and dropped his own weapon,” the PRO added.

“Without paying attention to his own safety the fearless solider pounced on the infiltrator and grappled with him before the two fell in a near by nallah.”

The PRO also told before hand-to-hand combat Magar and his ambush party spotted terrorists and eliminated one with precise and controlled fire of automatic weapons, after tracking them by using night vision devices.

It was total dark and as the terrorists scattered and one terrorist moved close to the ambush party. During the fire fight, Rifleman Prem thinking that the terrorist as his buddy called for him. The terrorist did not respond and slowly turned his weapon towards him. Rifleman Prem realizing his mistake caught hold of the muzzle of the terrorist’s weapon as the terrorist opened fire.

A hand to hand combat ensued and Rifleman Prem punched the terrorist on his face and pushed him to the Nalla, down the hillside. During the unarmed combat, Rifleman Prem dropped his weapon.

The terrorist tried to run in order to escape for good, realizing that the terrorist might escape, the NCO threw a grenade on the fleeing terrorist which injured him on his leg and prevented him to cross the LoC. The grenade splinter made him lay there and at a later stage he was eliminated.

Rifleman Prem Bahadur Roka Magar was awarded Shaurya Chakra for his raw courage and exemplary guts.

There will be many who will come, there will be many who will fight to protect the integrity of national borders of India and to safeguard all Indians, we can only be thankful.

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