When Para SF and Pakistani SSG Commandos Engaged with Each Other

There are many instances when Para SF and Pakistani SSG Commandos fought against each other. We will cite some of the incidents where they engaged each other :

2017 Surgical Strikes : No you didn’t read it wrong. Indian army Special Forces once again did a surgical strike back in 2017 back in the month of December. In this surgical strike , 9 Para SF and Ghataks of 2 Sikh were involved. Though it is not yet revealed that they engaged Pakistani SSG elements there , atleast one SSG Commando named Yasin was killed.

The raid was carried out in Rakhchakri area of Rawalkot District in Pakistan and 7 confirmed kills were made.

1999 Kargil War : SSG elements were inducted to hold up high positions against Indian troopers. SSG was also involved in supporting Pakistani regulars during retreat and evacuating Pakistani casualties. Capt Ammar Hussain, SSG, Sitara E Jurrat (P) was killed by Indian Para SF during Battle for Tiger Hill in one such operation.

1971 Indo-Pak War : In 1971 , India dispatched the Special Frontier Force in East Pakistan. At Chittagong 2nd commando battalion of SSG was based and SFF who are know famously known as the “Phantoms of Chittagong” were successful in eliminating them completely as they swept and the hills and the valleys with the Pakistanis which housed them.

Even now Pakistani SSG are now forming the part of the infamous BAT aka Border Action Teams who have been involved in mutilating Indian Jawans. 9 Para SF and 4 Para SF are taking special care of these BAT teams now eliminating them at LoC.

Even Indian Infantry Soldiers have been engaging SSG head on. Subedar (R) Bana Singh and his team killed 6 Pakistani SSG soldiers, 3 in hand to hand combat during Op.Rajiv in 1987 at Siachen. Subedar Atta Muhammad 3rd. Coy Shaheen SSG was killed and few of the injured fell off or jumped off the cliff. For this bravery Subedar Atta Mohammed was posthumously awarded one of Pakistani highest military award Sitara E Jurrat.

Even after that few of the Para SF have immense respect for their Pakistani counterparts. They regard them no lesser in capabilities and skills and don’t underestimate their counterparts and arch-nemesis especially. That is due to the professional approach which is taught in Indian Armed Forces.

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