10 Weapons Used By The Indian Special Forces

Indian Special Forces work in dark, they never want publicity. The professionalism of the Indian Special Forces cannot be matched by anyone. They walk in the place no one wants to go, and face the enemy in the most ferocious manner.

Indian Special Forces have to do the toughest job under unimaginable environment. There are a lot of things which cannot come into public. There are a lot things about SOF which are public and shareable, here is the list of weapons and equipment used by Indian Special Forces.

Hand Held Thermal Imager​

HHTI used by Indian Special Force

Hand Held Thermal Imager is one of the most widely used devices among SF of India. Hand Held Thermal Imager show the heat signature around us. HHTI’s are like binoculars but more advanced because they can spot hidden men by the heat of his body.

M-82A1 Sniper Riffle​

NSG operative with M107A1

M82A5 is one of the new induction of Indian Armed Forces, currently, NSG and Para SF is using the American sniper. It weigh around 13 Kg’s and fire .50 caliber rounds, which one of the most powerfull rounds in the world.

Tavor – 21​

Para SF operatives with Tavors in an encounter in Kashmir

Tavor-21 is an Israeli weapon system, it is the family of assault rifles, carbines and submachine guns known by the different names and models. Tavor is widely used by Indian Special Forces and considered as standard issue for Indian Special Forces.


Indian Navy’s Special Forces Operator with AK-103

Indian Armed Forces and their love for AK can be seen by looking towards their armory. Indians have mastered the use of AK because they are using different variants of AK since a long time. Indian Special Forces rely on AK-103, a more advance version of AK-47 which can fit in the requirement list of Special Forces.


Indian Para SF during exercise Yudh Abhyas

M4A1 is active in service with Indian Special Force since a long time. Many unit of Indian Armed Forces, Central Action Police Forces and State police using M4A1 as their mainstay. M4A1 is known for its power and accuracy.

Chili Grenade​

Chili Grenade is the Indian innovation to flush out terrorist from any place like building, cave or any compound. Chili Grenade is developed by DRDO. Chili grenade uses world’s hottest chili “BHOOT JALOKIA”. Militants who faced chili grenade were spotted crying and asked to shoot them dead because the pain is unbearable.


Indian Army using RCL Mk3

RCL stands for Recoil less and Mk3 is the upgraded variant. RCL is originally known as Carl Gustav 84mm. Indian Special Forces use this rocket launcher to eliminate militants. The gun is very accurate and comes with different kind of shells which inflict damage according to the type.

Micro Uzi​

Uzi in service with Indian SF

Micro Uzi is the evolved variant of legendary gun Uzi. Mirco Uzi is the one of the smallest SMG in the world yet one of the most powerful and accurate SMG. This compact weapon is used by Special Forces around the world and Indian Special Forces use this in mass numbers.

IWI Negev​

IWI Negev with Indian Air Force Special Forces Garud operative

Negev is a light machine gun developed by Isreal Weapon Industry. Negev has superb firing rate and accuracy. Indian Special Forces are using variety of Isreali weapons and Negev is one of the best among them.


Special Group with Scars

Fn-Scar is not that much acknowledged by the people of India in their special forces, but there is fair amount of Fn-Scar present in the Special Forces community of India. The first clue of Scar presence was given by a pic of Special Group.
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