Adani Manufactured "Drishti 10" Takes Its Inaugural Flight in Indian Navy

Adani Manufactured Drishti 10 Takes Its Inaugural Flight in Indian Navy

The Drishti 10 drone, made by Adani Defence and Aerospace, made its maiden flight on Friday, according to the Western Naval Command of the Indian Navy. With the help of this cutting-edge unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), the Indian Navy could be able to conduct far better maritime surveillance.

With an amazing 36-hour endurance, the Drishti 10, often dubbed the "Starliner," enables prolonged surveillance flights. Its 450 kg payload capacity ensures that it can transport the necessary tools for thorough data collecting.

Notably, the Drishti 10 is the only all-weather military platform with STANAG 4671 certification, indicating that it meets international airworthiness criteria for UAVs. Because of its adaptability, it can function in a variety of weather situations and blend in both segregated and un-segregated airspace.

The flag-off ceremony was held last month in Hyderabad and was officiated by Admiral R Hari Kumar, Chief of Naval Staff. Seventy-five Navy soldiers attended the ceremony, which emphasised the significance of this new addition to the Indian Navy's armoury.

Adani Defence and Aerospace, the Drishti 10's maker, is aggressively working to increase India's self-reliance in the defence and security industries. Beyond meeting domestic requirements, the company's goals include becoming a global leader in the defence sector.

The Drishti 10's successful first flight is a major advancement for Adani Defence and Aerospace as well as the Indian Navy. With its ability to provide insightful intelligence and improve maritime safety and security, this cutting-edge drone has the potential to completely transform Indias maritime surveillance.

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