An Indian Army Officer Answers if he is Satisfied with his job and Salary Brilliantly

Life of an officer deployed in Kashmir or in North East, fighting the militancy is really a challenging one. We all feel thankful to the Indian armed forces for protecting us round the clock. An Indian Army officer anonymously answered a question on Quora which said, “are you satisfied with your current job and the salary you receive for it?”. The answer will surely fill you with pride and make happy that you live safely at home. This is how the answer goes-

I am an officer in the Indian army currently serving in the disturbed areas of north east.

Age:24, joined the army at age of 22

Salary: 6–7 lac/yr

Coming on to the satisfaction level. I won’t be talking of salary as a satisfying factor. Although important, but that’s not the reason why I joined the army.

I am deployed in insurgency effected area in Manipur with around 20 men under command. It’s not a 9 to 5 job behind the desk. It’s a 24*7 duty with added threat to life every minute. There are no Sundays and holidays. Every time I go out in the hostile area I have to make my mind understand the fact that I may not come back alive or the worst, one of my men suffers a casualty.

That’s a constant fear you face but cannot show it on your face, for you are the person in command. A little fear on your face can demotivate your troops. You have to always make a confident face with no fear and pretend that you are fully motivated and these all situations cannot pull you down.

Further, you cannot share your emotions with your men for it may show that you are weak. You may miss your family and friends but you have to keep it yourself. That’s what we call loneliness of command.

Facilities available: Water has to be fetched from a water source nearby. It’s so muddy that if you fill a transparent glass you won’t be able to see through it. It has to be boiled before drinking. We bath with it and also prepare food from same. Electricity is available 2 hours per day. Food is mainly tinned. Somehow mobile network here is good.

The above answer is not a complaint against anyone , nor I am trying to gain sympathy. It’s about the challenges we face each day. This is the life I chose for myself. These situations make me stronger each day.

Being in the army, it has given me many opportunities to develop myself. I have jumped from airplanes, dived deep into the sea, given lectures to gatherings of hundreds and the list continues.

So, am I satisfied?

Hell yes.

After the officer wrote the answer, there were a lot of responses from the youth, and he felt very happy and thought India is in safe hands. Also, there were some guys who said that the answer is fake, to also which he responded in his own way. Few people asked his view on Kashmir, to which he responded. His answer continued-

Edit: I am amazed to see such a response from the youth of India. It surely points towards the bright future of our country. I am indebted with your love and respect you gave here. Indeed, it’s a moment to be proud of what I am doing. It motivates me and many others like me here, to dedicate our life selflessly towards the country. I will definitely convey your love to the troops here.

Also, I am sorry for not replying to your comments on time, as I was out for few days kicking some bad ass.

Edit 2:

Got some time to go through your comments. Again, thanks for your love and support.

Some asking whether I am allowed on social media: Yes, being anonymous won’t hurt the higher ups.

One referring this as a fake story : I just choose to ignore your stupidity. God bless you.

Would like to share something with you on the ongoing situation in Kashmir:

A terrorist, an anti national, was killed by the security forces. Thousands came to attend the death ceremony. Declared martyr. Security forces being blamed for the turmoil in the valley. So called defence analysts on media talking to change the way army deals with such people. If you have not worn the combat dress and have never picked up a rifle for this country , I am sorry, you have no fucking right to tell me how I do my job and keep your old ass safe to sit on that chair and then blah blah on tv.

For the civilians being killed: again, I am sorry, any anti national element, has a 7.62mm full metal jacket eagerly waiting to pierce him. It’s just the matter of time when they meet.

What if a soldier dies?

Everyone knows 28 civilians killed. Does anyone know the number of soldiers? Everyone knows the name burhan wani? Anyone knows the name of soldiers martyred? Difficult, eh? Are we commonly accepted as expendables? Don’t we have any human rights? Don’t we have a family, wife, gf waiting for us?

Not trying to make a point but do think about it.

We salute this soldier for writing such a wonderful answer.

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