ATAGS back in action: The enhanced Gun demonstrates its power during the Pokhran trials

ATAGS back in action: The enhanced Gun demonstrates its power during the Pokhran trials

India's homegrown artillery powerhouse, the Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System (ATAGS), is back in action! As per First India News, a prominent Rajasthani news channel, the 155mm beast has undergone changes on the advice of the Indian Army and is back at the Pokhran Field Firing Range for additional trials.

Sources indicate that the improved ATAGS is hitting its targets with extreme precision, much to the delight of DRDO and Indian Army officers who were present during the trials. The Army is anticipated to order a staggering 307 ATAGS weapons after the trials are successfully completed, so these trials are extremely important.

Following the last set of trials, the Indian Army—which is known for its strict standards—had asked for several modifications to the ATAGS. The present validation tests are thought to be based on these adjustments. Making sure the ATAGS satisfies the Army's unique requirements and operates flawlessly on the battlefield is like putting the finishing touches on a painting.

Jaisalmer has frequently been used as an ATAGS testing field because of its difficult terrain and variable weather. Once again, the improved gun is getting the ideal testing ground in the middle of the Thar Desert at the Pokhran Field Firing Range.

The expectation is strong because these trials are a critical step towards ATAGS's acceptance into the Indian Army. If these trials are successful, not only will the Army have a powerful weapon, but it will also demonstrate India's increasing ability to manufacture advanced defence technology.

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