Brahmos Overall Sales Surpasses $7 Billion Mark

Brahmos Overall Sales Surpasses $7 Billion Mark

With a combined order portfolio over $7 billion, the Indian-Russian joint venture BrahMos—known for its supersonic cruise missiles—has achieved a noteworthy milestone.

According to Pravin Pathak, the company's export director, this statistic includes both export transactions and domestic orders from Indian Army.

The statement was made by Pathak during the World Defence Show 2024, an international defence and security show that is taking place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

This event, which takes place from February 4–8, offers a venue for promoting global collaborations and displaying cutting-edge military technologies.

The $7 billion portfolio shows that interest in BrahMos' supersonic missile systems is rising on a worldwide scale.

These high-speed, long-range missiles have precision attack capabilities and currently in service with the Indian Armed Forces.

The company's success in foreign markets is a testament to its dedication to technological advancement and strategic partnerships.

Although the exact terms of the export orders were kept under wraps, this accomplishment shows how BrahMos may help India with its defence exports and technology partnerships, which could improve its geopolitical position and enhance its partnerships.

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