Capt. Pawan Kumar Refused Injury Leave To Lead His Men Against Terrorists

When call of duty comes of the motherland, heroes rise and they save many but they don’t come up.

The quote fits on every hero who became a legend, today we tell about one such brave hero. Capt. Pawan Kumar was born on army day in 1993. He was just 23 when he proudly laid his life for the nation.

Captain Pawan Kumar was wounded just a month back during an operation against terrorists. He was on his injury leave. But when he got to know of a new operation he forgot his injury. He led his team to deliberately clear the building in which the terrorists had been holed up. This initial operation was full of danger as the only way to find the location of the terrorists was to close in and draw their fire. Capt. Pawan Kumar firt evacuated every civilian from the building to safety.


Courageous Capt. Pawan Kumar led his men from the front and faced by heavy fire, the daring commando and his team quickly retaliated. He later succumbed to his injuries but before that he made sure that the location of the terrorists is fixed.

Even the GOC of Chinar Corps, Lt Gen Satish Dua said that Capt Pawan Kumar voluntarily took the challenge to lead his men. He refused to take his sick leave knowing that he might never come back.

Capt. Pawan Kumar’s last facebook post said it all, “Kisi ko reservation chahiye toh kisiko azadi bhai, humein kuch nahi chahiye bhai bas apni razai (Some want reservations, some even freedom, but I want nothing, just my blanket).”

Capt Pawan Kumar was the only child of his parents. His father said, “No father can be prouder,”. Such is the selfless thinking is of the parents of martyrs. We salute Capt. Pawan Kumar and his brave family.
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