Difference between R&AW Shown in Movies and in Real Life

What all we see in the movies that a raw agent is running with a toy looking rifle in mid of the streets, it actually doesn’t happen that way. Someone who has served in the intelligence can only tell what’s right and what’s not. An intelligence officer shares a little insight.

Depends what is your definition of interesting. I have seen both sides and I can assure you, two different worlds altogether.

Please don’t get carried away by all this spy talk and illusion of fancy gadgetry. Intelligence is one community, everyone thinks they know about it(thanks to movies, novels) and can advice and immediately start talking about information, spies and God knows what all. Intelligence is endless boring monitoring and surveillance, nights after nights reading of reports and trying to make sense of it, exceptional disappointments when years of hard work can go down the drain by one little mistake, lots and lots of report writing and analysis.

Always remember, as an officer, you are given that position for your brains and analytical capability and ability to derive conclusions from bits and pieces of information. Be ready for that. Its pure hard work, and mostly mental, and be prepared to lead a very non-social kind of life where even your presence in gathering might raise eyebrows. If you can take it all and stay focused, you have it in you.

Army on the other hand is very action oriented. Lot of physical activity. Up and down mountains and jungles. If you are lucky, someday someone will fire at you and you will survive. if you are luckier, you will get a chance to fire back.

You’ll be luckiest if you get to kill him first. Army is open, blatant and aggressive. No cloak and dagger here. You are given exact directions, mission and time lines. As the principle of fauj goes, Be at right place in right time in right dress and you’ll make it till General for sure.

The answer was shared by Manik M. Jolly.

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