Difference between the Ghatak Commando & Para SF Commando

Ghatak Force is not a Special Operations Unit, there is a lot of confusion among people as to what is Special Forces. Please go through my other answers related to SF to clear those doubts. As for what is Ghatak Force, it has not been termed by the Indian Army as anything generalised other than calling it a “Shock inflicting Force”. In other words to understand this term in a global context, you can call Ghatak Force as a Specialized Infantry. Infantry Soldiers who are better than the Regular Army in doing many things.

The Ghatak Force is extremely versatile, as they can even be para dropped behind enemy lines, and have stun grenades or flashbangs or 9 Banger used for intensive entry through doors, in house to house combat.

It can obviously be expected that all of the regular army should be as good as Ghatak. Well, even the USA could wish that their entire army should be as good as the US Army Rangers. So there you go, a more generalised term, in Hollywood sense, our Ghatak Force is like a Ranger unit for India.

Let’s not compare Ghatak with PARA SF, who are obviously the John Wicks of Indian Army, capable of accomplishing any task, in near impossible precision and skill. They are, the Special Operations Unit.

Its more than obvious as to who is a Special Operations Unit and who is only a well trained Infantry Soldier.

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