Even Terrorists Were So Terrified Of This Indian Army Soldier and Called Him Tiger of The Indian Army

Major Vikas Yadav was born to Maha Singh Yadav and Shakuntla Yadav on 29th March 1961. Maj Vikas completed his schooling from Gurgaon and graduated from Government College, Gurgaon. Maj Vikas had a passion for Armed Forces and pursued his dream to join OTA in 1981. Major Vikas belonged to SS 34 Course from OTS, Madras (now OTA, Chennai) and got commissioned on 26th August, 1982 in the rank of Second Lieutenant.

Maj Vikas got commissioned into 7 Jat of the famed Jat Regiment of Army and was always very proud of his regiment. He underwent numerous training courses in his service career like YO’s course, Battalion Support Weapon course etc and evolved into a dedicated and committed soldier.

He was an officer par excellence and a thorough gentleman and that was the reason, he was loved by the troops under his command and equally well admired by his superior officers.

Kashmir Operation : 09 June 1996​

During 1996, Maj Vikas’s unit was deployed in J & K area and was engaged in counterinsurgency operations. During a standoff with militants in the famous Charare-Sharif mosque in Kashmir, Maj Vikas along with his Company displayed exemplary courage and tactics and pounced on the militants hidden in the mosque. After this incident, the militants acknowledged him as a ‘Tiger’ of the Indian Army and placed his name on their ‘Hit List’. This was revealed in several messages flashed to the militant’s high command, intercepted by the armed forces.

On 09 June 1996, Maj Vikas was tasked with a search and destroy mission after getting specific intelligence reports about the presence of militants in the area of responsibility of his unit. Maj Vikas swung into action along with his troops and set out to implement his daredevil action plan. However, Maj Vikas got injured in the fierce gun-battle and later succumbed to his injuries.

Maj Vikas Yadav attained martyrdom while leading from the front like a true military leader without fearing for his life. He was born brave and quite capable of leading his men by example with tremendous dedication and zeal. He was always fearless and the first at any scene of action like a true soldier.

Maj Vikas Yadav was posthumously awarded Sena Medal for his gallantry, unyielding spirit and supreme sacrifice during Operation Rakshak. He is survived by his parents, wife Lata Yadav, daughter Apoorva Yadav, and son Amay Yadav.


The formerly known Jharsa road in sector 15 Gurgaon has been named as Shaheed Maj Vikas Yadav Marg in his honour.

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