How is the Childhood as an Army Brat in the Indian army

Every time I enter an army cantonment , The nostalgia, it gives me goosebumps. I really miss that life, you simply can not describe that in words believe me when i say that.

– Waiting for your father for months, or waiting for his call for days. That letter writing thing in border movie, we have read those kinds of letters. Everything was different back then.
– Watching your mom cry at times.
– Going to school in this


– Those rides in olive green gypsy, An AUDI would fall short in front of this.



– Going to Pir-baba at 6, followed by temple to take that prasad. Dad always says this SARVA DHARMA STHAL, SARVA DHARMA SAMBHAV.

– The 2 Bed-room quarters with those charpoys on which we would jump endlessly till it became loose.
– We never boasted about travelling in 1st AC or 2nd AC rather we boasted about the military compartment of the train which had those wooden seats then, just like the second class.

– Oh the festivals we celebrated each one them irrespective of the religion, Kitchen used to be flooded with dishes from the whole colony.


– The Bada-khana (feast in army cant), only army brats would get this.
– Going to the border and visiting those army bunkers, you wont get those kind feelings elsewhere.
– Want to compete in Boot polish with army brats? open challenge it is.

– Whenever I used to go with my father to his office, he would try to scare me by closing me in the arms room, The room which used to have around 700–1000 rifles, pistols, swords, compas, bino and what not. It never scared me though.
– The helicopter shows by the para-regiment or the parades.
– Getting separated from friends every 3 years, I had my first crush in class 7, pretty young right? Her father got posted somewhere else, Her last words- ‘Ab kiske sath baithkar TV dekhoge?’ (With whom will you watch tv now?).

– You won’t believe how innocently we discussed these things among friends at that age ‘Prince ke papa ke dono pair kat gaye bomb se, wo nai khelne ayega ab se’, ‘mere pappa ko bhi goli lagi hai pair mei’ (‘Prince will not come to play, his father’s legs were amputated after a bomb blast’, ‘my father also got hit by a bullet’). I would never forget this, i was in class 1 then (yes, I remember these lines very clearly).



– Bapu mera hai waise bada sakht launda, but mere saamne pighal jaate hai.

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