How Much A Para Special Forces Operative of Indian Army Earn As Salary?

How Much A Para Special Forces Operative of Indian Army Earn As Salary?

Para Special Forces are the face of true battle superiority of Indian Army to their enemies. They march the dark places, deal with unknown danger and eliminate every kind of threat to India. Those who romance with unknown threats deserve a huge amount of respect and salary.

However, unfortunately, they are not getting what they deserve. The officers are in better condition but the jawans are not getting enough money. In the Special Forces, the officer culture can be seen in the minimum instances. Special Forces recruitment have a test called Probation, where your rank doesn’t matter. In probation you are just a soldier, it eliminates the rank domination without hurting the discipline of the unit and decorum of seniority.

Indian Para SF of Indian Army during exercise Yudh Abhyas

Generally, a Major rank officer in SF doesn’t go for a field operation and that is the reason sometime there are no officer in the team. The justification of this culture can be found back in the days of training. Every soldier in the training of Special Forces is trained like super fighting machine.

Para SF

Perks and Payment of the Special Soldiers

Indian Army pay gross salaries to its employees, gross salaries include grade pay, basic pay, monthly allowance etc. Government also takes care of extra allowances like transportation facilities, House rental allowance etc. Special Forces operative have some special allowances like Parachute pay of Rs 1200, Special Forces pay of Rs 9000, Counterinsurgency of Rs 6300 etc.

SF soldiers get reservations in AC 3 Tier from his home to posting. When sometimes a North Indian gets posted in Bangalore or a South Indian gets posting in J&K. The journey could be 2-3 days. They could get late to reach home but they shouldn’t be late for the duty reporting. A special Forces of 5-6 years of experience would probably be receiving around Rs 30,000 if he is posted in hostile areas like J&K or Northeast.
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