How Russians Responded to a Terror Group will Shake you from Within

We hear about terrorists across the Indian border doing all sorts of things which are responsible for killing for many innocent lives in India. A lot of times we just end up exchanging dossiers and telling the neighbours to sort their issues. But what you will read now is something that have kept terrorists to stay away from kidnapping any Russian civilian or diplomat.

The year was 1985, Four soviet diplomats were kidnapped by extremists who demanded that Moscow pressure the Syrian government to stop pro-Syrian militia from attacking rival Muslim positions in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli. The Russians quickly dispatched their Alpha Group which is a unit of KGB and they were tasked with counter terrorism and hostage rescue operations to Beirut.

The abductors called themselves “The Khaled Al-Walid Force” and the “Islamic Liberation Organization”. According to Russian’s SVR, foreign’s intelligence service Colonel Yuri Perfilyev who was stationed at Lebanon at that time, the kidnapping was planned by Hezbollah operative Imad “Hyena”Mugniyeh and it was to respond the offensive by Syria-backed leftist militias in the Lebanese city of Tripoli.

The Shitte radicals demanded that Moscow forces Damascus to suspend the Tripoli offensive and close its embassy(Syrian) in Beirut. The terrorists meant absolute business and they killed one of the abducted diplomats, Arkady Katkov by firing him with machine gun bullets and his body was left in Beirut rubbish dump.

Colonel Yuri Perfilyev who was in Foreign Intelligence Service of Russia met Grand Ayatollah Muhammad Fadlallah, then spiritual leader of Lebanese Shiites and told him that a great power cannot wait forever. From waiting and observing, it can proceed to serious action with unpredictable consequences. At that moment, the KGB’s station chief gave a warning to Ayatollah that a missile is enough for Beirut and if something wrong happened the holy city of Qom(which was very close to Beirut) can be harmed fully.

The killing of Katkov made the Soviet fume with anger and they kidnapped a man which was a relative of a prominent Hezbollah leader. He was castrated and the organs were cut in various parts and sent them to the leader. Along with that, the KGB officers also advised them they knew location of each relative of the kidnappers and they will cut each one of them if the three diplomats are not freed immediately.

Soon enough, the hostages were released and dropped at Soviet Embassy and never again a soviet is kidnapped in Lebanon because they know what will happen to them if repeat that.

The next day, the newspaper ‘The Guardian’ quoted: “This is the way the Soviets operate. They do things–they don’t talk. And this is the language Hezbollah understands.”

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