IIT Kanpur Shows Revolutionary Swarm System at Air Force Station Kanpur

IIT Kanpur Shows Revolutionary Swarm System at Air Force Station Kanpur

During the celebrations for the 1 Base Repair Depot (BRD) Kanpur Platinum Jubilee at the Air Force Station Kanpur, IIT Kanpur proudly displayed a groundbreaking progress in UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) technology. The event was attended by senior Indian Air Force officers who personally saw the possibilities of this exclusive UAV swarm system.

The presentation demonstrated IIT Kanpur's dedication to leading the way in UAV capability developments by showing a complex, scalable UAV swarm system made up of ten UAVs. This fully decentralized automated takeoff-to-landing payload delivery system with built-in man-in-the-loop control is a big step forward for UAV technology.

IIT Kanpur extended its appreciation to Mohamed Samshad (MSR, EE) for his leadership, Profs. Ketan Rajawat (EE), Mangal Kothari (AE), and Abhishek (AE) for their mentoring, and the entire 14-person team for their commitment to creating and presenting this state-of-the-art multi-UAV technology.

The exhibit at Air Force Station Kanpur is a testament to IIT Kanpur's steadfast creativity and its commitment to creating technology that could transform a number of sectors, including disaster relief, agriculture, and defence. The utilization of UAV swarm systems has significant opportunities for surveillance, reconnaissance, and payload delivery applications. They provide advantages over typical single-UAV operations in terms of efficiency, precision, and safety.

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