Indian Navy’s Most Audacious Mission That Destroyed Karachi Port In 1971

1971, the year has been marked in the history of both India and Pakistan. The nations which were one before separating in the year 1947 and then began the never-ending tiff between the two countries. Many attempts were made to reconcile the countries but failed and hence resulted in the war of 1971. The shortest but one of the most important wars between the two nations. The Indo-Pak war was won by the India with the help of its three wings Indian Navy, Indian Army, and Indian Air Force. Among these three wings of the India, Indian Navy played the extremely crucial role.

The Role Of Indian Navy​

The role played by Indian Navy in the war was highly remarkable as the other two wings the Indian Air Force and the Indian Army was successfully trying to deter the enemy soldiers and the Indian Navy devised the master plan to block the Eastern and Western Port sides of Pakistan.

The Master Mission​

Operation Trident was the name of the mission that was launched by the Indian Navy and it was to attack the port of Karachi with its boats laced with missiles. The aim of destroying the Karachi port was it’s being the headquarters of the Pakistan Navy and also the oil storage of Pakistan.

The Mission’s Head​

Operation Trident, the world’s most brave mission was headed by Admiral Sardarilal Mathradas Nanda and planned by Fleet Operation officer of the Navy Gulab Mohanlal Hiranandani.

Obstacles Of The Mission​

The mission was not free from any hurdles as Indian missiles had limited radar range with small fuel capacity. But Indian Navy again showed its excellence by towing the missile laced boats near the Karachi port. So that they would be able to attack with full efficiency.

The Day Of Attack​

It was December 4, 1971, when Indian Navy launched its first missile to the Karachi Port. It was made possible by three Vidyut class missile boats: INS Nipat, INS Nirghat, and INS Veer. Two anti-submarine Arnala class corvettes: INS Kiltan and INS Katchall were accompanied by a fleet oiler, INS Poshak also was the main achiever of the target. 25th Squadron, Commander Babru Bhan Yadav led the command with INS Nipat.

The attack of Operation Trident destroyed PNS Khaibar, MV Venus Challenger, PNS Shah Jahan, and PNS Muhafiz. Then moved towards Karachi port and destroyed Oil Tanks and Refineries of Pakistan. This made the Operation Trident successful with full glory.

In this operation, Indian Navy witnessed no casualty or any kind of damage and hence marked as the most successful mission of Indian Navy. From that day, December 4 is observed as a Navy Day.

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