Indian Women Officers Showcase Gender Inclusivity at World Defence Show 2024

Indian Women Officers Showcase Gender Inclusivity at World Defence Show 2024

The Indian Armed Forces saw a momentous occasion for gender inclusivity during the World Defence Show in Riyadh (WDS2024).

Colonel Ponung Doming of the Indian Army, Lieutenant Commander Annu Prakash of the Indian Navy, and Squadron Leader Bhawana Kanth of the Indian Air Force were among the three women officers who attended the seminar with the theme "International Women in Defence - Investing in an Inclusive Future" as special invitees.

This involvement is a step in a positive direction towards highlighting the expanding role of women in the Indian defence sector. The delegation, which included representatives from several military branches, emphasised the growing prospects for women inside the organisation.

During the seminar, fighter pilot Squadron Leader Bhawana Kanth, an inspiration to women in the Air Force, shared her experiences and perspectives. She discussed how the situation for women in the Indian armed services is changing and emphasised how more women are able to hold leadership and command roles.

These female officers' presence at the WDS2024 is quite significant. It is an encouragement to young women throughout the world who want to work in the defence industry, as well as a testament to India's dedication to gender equality within its armed forces.

The presence of female officers from the Indian Armed Forces at the World Defence Show 2024 is a watershed moment in the struggle for diversity and inclusion in the defence sector.

Their participation highlights India's commitment to building a more varied and representative armed force and acts as an inspiration to young women everywhere.

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