Khalistani asset, backed by the CIA, is threatening to attack the Indian Parliament

Khalistani asset, backed by the CIA, is threatening to attack the Indian Parliament

Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, the self-proclaimed commander of the Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) organization based in the United States, has issued a chilling threat to attack the Indian Parliament on or before December 13. This is an alarming development. The threat, which was made in a video that Pannun posted, shocked India's security apparatus and raised alert levels around the Parliament complex.

India has labeled Pannun as a terrorist, and he has a lengthy history of threatening the Indian government and instigating violence. He asserts in his most recent video that he is going to "shake the very foundation of the Indian Parliament" in retaliation for what he says is an assassination plot by Indian agents.

One of the posters in the video compares Pannun's picture to that of Afzal Guru, the terrorist who attacked Parliament in 2001. In addition, the billboard features the phrase "Delhi bangea Khalistan," which alludes to the separatist movement's demand for the establishment of an independent state of Khalistan in India.

A senior police official has responded to Pannun's warning by assuring that "no one will be allowed to disturb law and order." The officer added that authorities are on guard during the current Parliament session and that security has been stepped up in and around the Parliament location.

Pannun's warning highlights the persistent danger from extremist organizations and the importance of staying vigilant to safeguard India's national security. To avoid any unfortunate incidence, the Indian government and security services must maintain their vigilance and take all essential precautions.

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