Major Dr Ritesh Goel – A Para SF Soldier who Saved Many Lives at 17,500 ft

Major Dr Ritesh Goel – A Para SF Soldier who Saved Many Lives at 17,500 ft

Indian army mountaineering team was on the way to scale the Mount Everest when the earthquake occurred near Everest Base camp in May 2015. Indian army was nearing the Mount Everest base camp when they got to know of earthquake and were alert of coming avalanches.

Major Ranveer Singh Jamwal, two time Everester was leading the team. When they reached at the army base camp at mount everest, the conditions were worse, all the tents were damaged and they were injured people asking for help. There was absolute mayhem at the base camp, the army base camp was wiped off because of avalanche.

The ice shelf broke at Mt. Pumori finished almost 2/3rd of the Everest base camp and killed 19 people and injured more than 80 climbers and sherpas.

The Indian army team was well trained and the calamity didn’t effect them. One Man who especially stood at the moment was Major Dr. Ritesh Goel who is serving in Para SF of Indian Army. He quickly started working on making the injured people well, he took care of eight climbers with severe head injuries for 14 hours, and provided first aid and stabilized people with broken legs and hands.

Maj Jamwal says “this was an unexpected situation in which the avalanches triggered from the west shoulder and from Nuptse sides making it difficult to move to safer side and moreover the shaking of the Ice sheet on which the whole team was standing was even scary” in a press release in 2015.

Indian army successfully did evacuation of all the injured in helicopters. They were not upset that they couldn’t go to Mount Everest but happy to clean the base camp. The team collected 3000 kgs of garbage, which was handed to the pollution control committee.

The Indian army was the last to leave the basecamp on 4th May 2015. Duty before self, what can be other better example for it. Do you want to be a doctor in Indian army? We recommend reading, How to Join Indian army as a doctor.
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