Martyr Major Ajay Singh Jasrotia Saved 6 Injured Soldiers But Lost His Life

Martyr Major Ajay Singh Jasrotia Saved 6 Injured Soldiers But Lost His Life

It is the Indian Army that provides us with the satisfaction that we are safe in the nation. Indian Army guards the border no matter in day or night to give us a peaceful life. They fight with every enemy and don’t let them enter the country and disturb the peace. They sacrifice their homes and spend their life on the border. Even they sacrifice their lives just to protect the people in the country. The country owes much to the Indian Army and Indian soldiers.

Martyr Major Ajay Singh Jasrotia

In the same way, Rambo of Indian Army, Major Ajay Singh Jasrotia gave his motherland a lot even his life. The Major was born in Jammu on April 13, 1971, and he lived the honoured life until June 15, 1999. He sacrificed for his nation during executing the operation ‘Operation Vijay’.

What was Operation Vijay?​

The Operation Vijay was launched to recapture the Point 5140 in the Srinagar-Leh highway. Pakistan Army intrudes this point at 1700 ft along the Tuloling Ridge Line which was the highest point captured by the army of Pakistan. The three battalion including Kashmir Rifles, Naga Regiment, and Garhwal Rifles were sent to recapture the point captured by the Pakistan Army. The major Ajay Singh Jasrotia was a part of Kashmir Rifles.

Who was Major Ajay Singh Jasrotia?​

Lt Col Khajoor Singh was the grandfather of Major Ajay Singh Jasrotia and DIG BSF, Shri Arjun Singh Jasrotia was his father. After continuing the family tradition, he joined the Indian Army after graduating from Commerce College, Jammu in 1996.

Major Ajay Singh Jasrotia went with the unit Jammu Rifles on 15th June 1999 for ‘Operation Vijay’ as part of 56 Mountain Brigade. They faced the heavy artillery fire from the enemy side and in the first shell, six soldiers were injured and many others went through the wave of tremors and terror. Major Jasrotia immediately felt the severity of the situation. He took the charge of the situation. After this, he ordered all soldiers to cover in the area of the administrative base. He decided to face the casualties rather than taking cover. Although firearms continued to fire but couldn’t stop the Major. Then he arranged to evacuate the injured soldiers.

Between the bombardment, he organized the army in the appropriate groups and ordered them to take back injured soldiers on their back. During the evacuation of casualties, Major got seriously injured. Ignoring his injury, he continued the evacuation of casualties. His blood continued to flow and the condition continued to be worsened. Despite persistent persecution by the soldiers, Major refused to leave the battlefield because life gradually got out of him. After all, he became a victim of his injuries, but before he closed his eyes, he saved the life of six soldiers.

Thus, the Major saved others life by sacrificing his life. Major Ajay Singh Jasrotia was awarded the Sena Medal for his extraordinary sacrifice during the Kargil war. His contribution can not be ignored. He is the true hero of India.
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