MOAB vs FOAB- Battle of Biggest Non-Nuclear Bombs Of The World

MOAB also known as GBU-43/B Massive Ordinance Air Blast Bomb or Mother of All Bombs. United States detonated MOAB on an ISIS position in Afghanistan on this 13th April. Albert L. Weimorts, Jr. of the Air Force Research Laboratory developed MOAB for the USAF. MOAB is the biggest non-nuclear bomb ever used in combat, after the deployment of 13th April in Afghanistan.

MOAB faces more potent yet smaller Russian counterpart, known as FOAB or Father of All Bombs. Russia developed a smaller yet more powerful bomb than US MOAB. Russian named it Aviation Thermobaric Bomb of Increased Power(ATBIP). The FOAB is four times more powerful than MOAB, making Russia the holder of world’s most powerful non-nuclear bomb.

United States analysts questioned the capabilities of FOAB after its test on September 11, 2007. The Russian official General Alexander Rushkin, the Russian deputy chief of staff cleared the doubt by facts. Russian stated the thermobaric configuration helps the bomb to generate more energy and destruction on Impact.

Many analysts around the globe assessed the capabilities of both the bombs but couldn’t convince anyone. They were raising questions of munition to generate 44 tons of equivalent. The questions were very practical but Russia has a history of developing thermonuclear ammunition, so its capabilities cannot be challenged.

There are many differences in the weapon system, the countries have developed by the countries according to their needs. United States have conventional H6 charge in MOAB while Russian are filling thermobaric charge in their FOAB. Thermobaric charge generates more heat than any conventional warhead. It uses oxygen from surrounding to generate more heat than conventional weapon system.

FOAB shares different design than MOAB which looks like a cruise missile. After the successful test of FOAB, it becomes the most powerful non-nuclear bomb in the world. The new bomb will replace several smaller ammunition in the arsenal of Russian Armed Forces. Whether this bombs can be nuclear armed or not, it is still the in doubt.

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