Operation Lal Dora – When RAW Saved Mauritius’s Prime Minister

Operation Lal Dora – When RAW Saved Mauritius’s Prime Minister

The Top Secret operation Lal Dora remains secret to this day, only a few details came out few years back. Indira Gandhi was a daring lady, no matter we think about her failures. But, she developed Indian diplomacy and gave the much needed freedom to the three chiefs of the army, navy and air force to take their decisions.

It all started in Feb 1983, when Mauritian Prime Minister Anerood Jugnauth visited India to visit Indira Gandhi. Jugnauth feared a possible military coup from his rival Berenger. India also feared that it can be a coup in accordance with Jugnauth.

Jugnauth asked for India’s assistance in case any of that happens and Indira Gandhi assured him of total support. The details of the operation remains secret even today and only a little is known.

As it had to happen, there was a military coup by Berenger in March 1983 and Indira Gandhi ordered the navy and the Indian army to prepare for an operation. Indian Navy was supposed to send six of it’s destroyers but that didn’t happen.

According to Dr. David Brewster, the Indian Navy and the army was confused on who will lead the operation and it abruptly was passed to the RAW. With the legendary Spy, B. Raman suggesting the RAW to intervene.

RAW chief Nowsher F. Suntook, was given the task to carry the operation on a political level. Although, Suntook was about to retire in few days but his tenure was specially extended to successfully finish this operation.

In Port Louis, Suntook met Prem Singh, the Indian high commissioner. The RAW silently led the coalition of all the Hindu and Muslim leaders. All the Hindu and Muslim leaders in Mauritius backed Jugnauth. And they supported him when the election happened. It was a huge success and Jugnauth remained as the PM for ten years.

Later that, even the security advisor to the Mauritian Prime Minister was made as an Indian Army officer.
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