Recommended SSB Kapurthala after Clearing Engineering & Rejected Many Times, Shares Experience

This story is of Ravi Kumar who got recommended from Kapurthala for SSC TECH 51.

This story is not for the toppers but for mediocre students and the one that take all the hits in life be it from parents or teachers. It is rightly said that “Failure is the first step to success” and here is my story, story of a mediocre but an extremely good athlete. My journey started way back in Army public school, Dhaula Kuan. I come from an Army Background and from first day it was very clear that I have to join Armed forces and the love for Olive Green was always there.

As normal army background people tend to have changed schools almost every 3 years or so it never happened in my case was always a part of Army public school, Dhaula Kuan from first class and finished my schooling from there itself.

AON in ECE branch with 68% and applied for UES entry NAVY and gave my first stage in college where I was shortlisted and after 4 years was again going for my SSB but till then I was placed in 6 different companies from my college which was a record in itself and my name was all over the college premises. My SSB was to be held at NSB COIMBATORE and I was at that time working in one of the companies that I got placed in Pune. So I couldn’t prepare much but was confident about my communication skills that I will ace the PI and GTO because I don’t know how but I have always been good with “fatta, balli, rope” but I didn’t focus much on my psychology which is actually the main part.

So I reached there saw such huge crowd again after 4 long years and was a bit nervous too, got screened in but was conference out but I could see in myself where I was lacking and applied for SSC TECH 51. Got shortlisted and my SSB CENTER WAS SCN KAPURTHALA which a few friends of mine had already gone and all of them got screened out so I was again very scared because have never tasted being screened out. So then I had just completed 4 months at my work place in Pune and had to take a bold decision so I resigned and came back to Delhi.

I had exactly a month for my preparations and this time it was no looking back. I had to focus on everything be it psychology, interview questions, my technical knowledge and also think of new ideas related to the GTO tasks. I divided my timings and prepared well, read newspaper, study IQ channel helped me a lot with current topics and side by side I worked on story writing, WAT, SRT and SD. I took some guidance from officers which helped me bring the logic and reason behind everything that I say.

8th June 2018, a batch of 333 candidates appeared and we sat for screening process. SCN Kapurthala has a very tough OIR test set but I was well prepared for them did them in time and for PPDT wrote a story which happened to be different then the whole group which I realised while the group was narrating, everyone saw two people whereas I only saw one and got scared but when my turn came I took a deep breath and narrated my story with confidence and in the end with my convincing skills managed to get a common story which revolved around the theme I choose. Then we were 20 screened in out of 333. Next day did well in my psychology test and completed all TAT, WAT, and only did 33 SRTs, wrote a good SD which like everyone I had also prepared earlier.

The very same day my Interview with the board president was scheduled and let me tell u friends he is not the man that people would like to give interview to, he grills you like anything. My interview lasted longest I guess for around 1 hour 10 minutes. I could manage to give all the answers to his questions. Next day GTO 1 stated and I gave good points in GD and was able to convince people in GPE also. I have a personality that is very pro active in field and when I get a chance to perform with the group that leader in me just comes out and I tend to dominate which happened in all the PGT, FGT, HGT etc. till the time people could think of ideas I had already applied my ideas so I was pretty confident about my GTO 1, then next day GTO 2 we had our lecturette, individual obstacles, snake race, command task. I did 15 individual obstacles and was called by four people for help in command task. I was given a tough command task which made me happy as they say it is a sign of you being recommended from GTO. So everything was set and the Conference day came.

We all packed our bags and kept them in a common area. As my chest number was 13 so had to wait a little for my turn. When my turn came I was called inside and very basic questions were asked like they usually do like how was your stay? and all. It only lasted for 2-3 minutes and then we were asked to wait in the testing hall.

After everybody’s conference the psychologist came with the results and asked us how many of you think you have made it this time to which a few raised their hands but I didn’t because I was busy staring at the result sheet he was holding and bejati ka dar ki kahin haath uthayein aur nahi hue tow kitni bejatti hogi and then he said unfortunately only one out of you have made it this time. Believe me you wouldn’t want to hear this and I thought ghar jaane ki tayaari kar, kaise jayega bus se ya train se ye soch. Then he said so the chest number that has made it is 13 and I looked at my chest and realised oh its mine and everything got blank, he asked me to tell him my roll number but I just couldn’t then he again asked and then I pulled out my roll number from my pocket and told him my roll number. Everybody congratulated me and then I contacted my parents and could just say one line “ mummy ho gaya selection”

Thanks to the all mighty God and everyone who has been a part of this beautiful journey.

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