Some Shocking Facts Of Indian Paracommandos That Will Make You Respect Them

The Maroon Beret, it doesn’t come to you that easy. It is deadly, you wish to die than being alive because the training breaks you from within, you try to give in your best but it is made to break you and then to make you. It is made like so hard because it makes the best fighters around the world.

If anyone is wearing a Maroon then he doesn’t need to speak anything, because it already speaks volumes of what the person is capable of doing or can do. Discovery Channel recently made a documentary called ‘India’s Paratroopers: Earning the Badge’ on how Para commandos training is and it sheds a lot of light on how the best of Para Commandos are made.

There are various mental and physical endurance tests that every paracommando has to face while their 90 day probationary period is going(The training goes on for two years). It is more difficult than hell and that’s why its called ’90 days of hell’. Generally only 10% make the final cut.

The cadet faces a lot of impossible things like not sleeping for many days, constant humiliation, torture(physical and mental). Few of them even die because of extreme pressure and impossible to face unnatural things.

Earning the Badge, discovery channel documentary on Para commandos.

During the training, in one task, they are covered under sewage and they are asked to go deep down in the sewage and also their faces should be covered in that so as to all of their identity is hidden and no one can see them.

They are served breakfast while they have sewage all on them. They enjoy that even because it is unimaginable to be there empty stomach.

We only can feel what they have to go through to save this country and to be the best soldiers for all of us.

The paracommandos have to perform various parajumps which includes para gliding and various other styles. They are also supposed to go through free fall jumps with oxygen and without oxygen system. And sometimes they have to jump with full battle load and have to practice running with load which equals their own body weight.

They are trained to even make snakes poison-less, no one knows where their next operation will be.

They are also left at places where temperature falls at 5 degrees with not many clothes, so their body gets acclimatize to the situation. Without food for many days, without a lot of daily necessities, their job is to keep moving and keep going ahead and keep fighting till the end.

So, whenever you get to meet a Maroon uniform holder, give him the respect that he deserves because he has given his all to get a “Balidaan Badge”.
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