The Heroic Story of Major Mohit Sharma, Para SF Who Sacrificed His Life For Us

The Heroic Story of Major Mohit Sharma, Para SF Who Sacrificed His Life For Us

There are so many heroes who sacrificed their lives so that we can live safe at our homes. We can never pay their debts and the only way is to be thankful and to show high gratitude to their families. We will talk about the real heroes, you won’t hear their story in Bollywood but these guys have fought real battles and won real awards.

Major Mohit Sharma known by his nickname Mike, joined the army through NDA. He took admission in an engineering college, but his passion and determination for joining the forces took him to National Defence Academy, Khadakvasla in 1995. He quit his engineering and started his life as a gentleman cadet.

Major Mohit Sharma was an excellent cadet. During his NDA tenure, he was a member of the India Squadron(Injuns). He learnt horse riding under the able guidance of Col. Bhawani Singh and he rode the horse named “Indira”. He was a champion horse rider. It does not end here, he was a boxing champion in the feather weight category as well as one of the best swimmers.

He continued his hunger for excellence into the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun. He was awarded with an appointment to the rank of BCA(battalion cadet adjutant). He got an opportunity with the chosen ones to meet Shri K.R Narayanan, the then President of India at Rashtrapati Bhawan.

Mike passed out from IMA on 11th December 1999 and got commissioned in 5 Madras. His first posting was in Hyderabad followed by 38 RR (Rashtriya Rifles) in Kashmir. He was the part of team which countered insurgency in the valley. He received his first medal for Gallantry COASM(Chief of Army Staff Commendation Medal) in 2002.
Later, he joined the Parachute Regiment which he always wanted to. He volunteered to join the legendary 1 Para SF, and in 2004 he was awarded by Sena Medal for gallantry in 2004. He also served as an instructor in Commando school, Belgaum for 2 years.

He was a born daredevil like all our soldiers are and many soldiers have very less pictures in public domain. But Major Sharma is a big inspiration for all of us and so like all soldiers, he loved to to daring things like one in the picture below.

In 2008, he was back in Kashmir, he has done several operations and was a very dedicated soldier to his motherland.

On the night of 21st March 2009, he got information of a large number of terrorists who had infiltrated in the valley, through Haphruda forest. Guarding the forest, he went on to patrol with his men. They busted the terrorist hideouts and opened fire but terrorists had outnumbered the SF team.

Major Mohit Sharma took the lead under heavy firing and killed four terrorists but because he was under heavy fire, he was also injured. A bullet pierced his heart and the legend left us for forever, he served the nation in the greatest tradition of Indian Army.

You will always be in our heart, Major Mohit Sharma, the nation will never forget your supreme sacrifice.
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