The Most Inhumane And Barbaric Special Forces Training Methods

Special Forces, Special Operation Forces, Commandos, Ghost Operatives or the Secret Detachments, there could be many other names for the forces created for a special purpose, collectively, they are known as Special Forces.

The objective could be anything, can be anywhere and against anyone, they have to be ready to face the odds. They are ready to execute any task assigned to them. It is said you should fight on the place which is well known to you, but for the Special Forces Operators things doesn’t always go as planned. They have to fight various types of warfare at the same time on various places and most of the times in enemies territories. The objectives fulfillment in the special forces need a lot of things to be mastered and that’s why the training of these operatives is no less than hell on earth. The training routine is something we cannot imagine, they are designed to push any operative beyond their limit.

Russian Spetsnaz​

Spetsnaz is a Russian word for special action military unit, they were raised and trained by soviet secret police and intelligence agencies. Russian Spetsnaz is known for their toughness and vicious training methods. Russian Spetsnaz have higher in training death ratio than any other Special Forces of the world.

Spetsnaz named one of their courses as ‘Pain Management’. If you wanna join the spetsnaz than you have to pass an endurance test. The instructors torture the trainees, so that they become habitual to the pain. In other countries endurance test includes running, swimming and lifting weight but in Spetsnaz, you will be surrounded by five Spetsnaz operatives and they will start beating you with fist, legs, and even bats and you have to fight back until you quit, fall down unconsciously or they stop hitting you. The real deal starts after this, they will make you swim around barbed wire, drag you behind the trucks and hit by anything they can get their hands on.

Sayeret Matkal​

Sayeret Matkal which means General Staff Reconnaissance Unit in Herbew. It is first and foremost a field intelligence-gathering unit which conducts deep reconnaissance behind enemy lines to obtain strategic intelligence. Sayeret Matkal is also tasked with counter-terrorism and hostage rescue beyond Israel’s borders.

Sayeret Matkal has also one of the most brutal hardened training regime. They kidnap their recruits and take them into the middle of the desert. After taking their recruits into the desert, they candidates have to face third degree torture and cruelty. Those who survive, earn and wear the prestigious insignia of one of the most respected units of the world.

Taiwanese Marine Corps​

Taiwanese Marine Corps may not look so badass but their training regime made them absolute warriors. The training may seem very regular like other marine corps of the world, but Taiwanese Marine Corps is barbaric at another level.

The Taiwanese Marine Corps find cute crawling in water and sand because they have to crawl naked on sharp and edgy stones. The body get cuts you can’t even count, it burns like some one dumped a whole barbecue on your body. The pain makes them strong and takes them in the category of elites.

Belarus Red Berets​

Belarus Red Berets are also trained like beasts, they have to do various things which a normal person will declare insane and out of his league. Red Berets of Belarus have to face an insane level of training in martial arts. They can break almost anything handy by their hands, legs and heads, yes you read it right, Heads.

Are there any special forces which we have missed? Feel free to leave them in the comments and you will find an article on it, the next time you come on Defence Forum.

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