The Respected Ghost of Indian Army Soldier in Tank- Indian Army Paranormal

This answer is based on the conversation that I had with a retired Jawan (Soldier) who has served 23 years in the Army and worked in places like Kashmir, North East, Sri Lanka and Antarctica, hence I apologize if the dates and time are not very specific but I can assure the story to be authentic.

The place was Gwalior in the mid 1980’s where the Jawan was posted (probably 18th Armoured Brigade of 36th Infantry Divison, XXI Corps) and assigned night duty for guarding a huge garage that housed many tanks in it. The Jawan was waiting for his shift to end when suddenly he heard a sound “thud!”.

He noticed that the lights of a tank were switched on, thinking that it was some late night maintenance going on he ignored it.

The very next moment the tank started and the Jawan decided to go and talk to the maintenance crew. He went upto the tank and started talking while still outside the tank, when he got no responses he opened up the hatch and checked who was inside

He was shocked and terrified of what he saw. There was no one inside the tank.

He now ran towards the tent where the other shift guys were sleeping and explained them the situation, to which they replied:

“Tu naya aya haia kya? Yeh roz ka hai, kuch nahi karega woh. 5 m aage aur piche jayega aur phir bandh hojayega. Darr mat” –

(Are you new here? This happens everyday, it will go 5m ahead and backwards and stop. Don’t be afraid”)

But the very next morning the Jawan reported the incident and the tank was tied down using large steel chains, but again the same incident was repeated and the tank broke the chains.

After few months a team of Officers from the Army HQ came to review the ghostly tank. They stayed up the night to see it by themselves. After experiencing the horrifying incident they went back to Delhi the next day.

A report was sent from the HQ after few months which stated that the tank was part an Operation in Thar Desert where a soldier had taken the tank into the desert without permission and was unfortunately stuck in the tank as his hatch was locked. Days later both the tank and the soldier’s dead body were found in the desert.

It was also ordered by HQ to send the tank to Heavy Vehicles Factory, Avadi, Tamil Nadu so that it could be completely disintegrated, melted and it’s steel could be reused.

The tank was a Vijayanta.


But it was never melted or disintegrated. It is in the Thar, in a shed near a power plant and transformer factory.

This is all fact. I have seen the tank. Not moving or doing ghostly stuff, but it is partially fuelled, tracks maintained, and cleaned every time it breaks down. It is sometimes found 50 Mtrs away, so they fill it with limited fuel and it cannot go far. Some gentleman from defense ministry ‘adopted’ it some years ago.

This incident was shared by Shaswat Nayak on Quora.
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